On a trip abroad, many unforeseen events can happen. Travel insurance is a way to ensure that no problems stand between you and the trip of your dreams. 

Travel insurance offers coverage for medical expenses, lost and lost luggage and even in case you need to cancel your trip, in addition to several other benefits. And how does it work? 

How much

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The price of travel insurance will vary depending on the destination, number of days on the trip and the scope of coverage. In insurance comparators it is possible to quote the best plan for you based on this data. 

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If you are going to Europe, for example, where travel insurance is mandatory for foreign tourists to enter the country, hiring a security guarantee can cost less than 10 reais a day. 

On a 10-day trip to Portugal, travel insurance for an adult up to 70 years old, with coverage of 40 thousand dollars in medical assistance and 800 dollars for lost luggage can cost around 92 reais per person. That is, 9 reais a day abroad. 

Pricing may also vary if insurance is taken out for a group or tour rather than individual plans. 


To indemnify the traveler, travel insurance follows certain conditions. For medical, hospital and/or dental expenses, the operators recommend that the insurance be activated before the service. Thus, they can indicate convenient places or send a doctor to where the traveler is staying. 

For body transfer, the indemnity is only for the release and transport of the insured's body from the place of death to the domicile or place of burial. In case of medical return, the insurance indemnifies the expenses with the return transfer of the insured person to the place of origin of the trip or his domicile if he is unable to return as a regular passenger due to a personal accident or illness covered by the insurance. 

Medical transfer is the indemnification of the expenses with the removal or transfer of the insured person to the nearest clinic or hospital in a position to attend to him/her. In the event of death while traveling, the insurance pays the insured capital to the insured's beneficiaries, in a lump sum or in the form of an annuity, in the event of the insured's death due to natural or accidental causes during the travel period.

The insurance also compensates if the insured suffers total or partial permanent disability due to an accident while traveling. This indemnity occurs in the event of loss, reduction or permanent functional impotence caused only by a personal accident that occurred during the travel period. 

For lost luggage, it is necessary for the insured to fill in a form with the airline and prove that the bags have been lost. In this case, the claim for compensation is also only valid at the destination, and the insurance for lost luggage on the return flight to the country of origin cannot be activated. For reimbursement of expenses in case of trip cancellation, the beneficiary must prove a reason provided for in the policy, such as death of the insured or of a 1st degree relative. 

But the general conditions may vary depending on the plan chosen. Be sure to check what is provided for in your policy before claiming insurance. 


Travel insurance must be purchased before the day of departure and be valid for the entire trip, from departure from the country of origin to return. 

For some countries, where travel insurance is mandatory for the entry of foreign tourists, the plan must be contracted even further in advance. This is because proof that the traveler is insured can be requested for the issuance of visas, in addition to immigration upon arrival in the country. Check the conditions required for travel insurance in your chosen destination. 

Now that you know the benefits and how travel insurance can make your vacation much more relaxed, pack your bags and have a nice trip!

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