Much is said about the advantages of taking out travel insurance before visiting the United States, but how much does the service cost?

There is no doubt that Brazilians love travel to the United States. And it's no wonder, as the destination is home to fantastic places like Orlando, New York and Miami. However, anyone who is planning a trip to the USA should include in their planning the taking out travel insurance.

Although it is not mandatory for Brazilians to enter the country, travel insurance can be a great ally when it comes to solving health-related unforeseen events, since, in the absence of it, the bill can be higher than you imagine. But in the end, how much does it cost? USA travel insurance?

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Why buy travel insurance for the United States?

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First of all, it is worth emphasizing the importance of hiring a travel insurance for the United States. As you already know, medical expenses in the country are very high and, in some situations, no matter how much you have a reserve, the amounts are exorbitant.

To give you an idea, an appendicitis operation, considered a simple procedure, can cost up to US$ 45 thousand in the US. In the case of fractures, expenses can exceed US$ 15 thousand. With the dollar on the rise, this account is even more salty. 

Furthermore, according to article published by the G1 portal, President Donald Trump recently announced that the United States will soon begin denying visas to immigrants who do not have health insurance or cannot demonstrate that they have the resources to pay for it. The measure has not yet been validated, but it is interesting to stay tuned in the coming months. 

Travel insurance to the United States

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Regarding the cost of travel insurance for the United States, this will depend on the plan purchased with the insurance company. Allianz Travel, for example, a specialist insurance company that has been operating in the market for years, offers three types: Classic, Plus and Prime, each with its own particularity and coverage. 

In a simulation for a trip of an adult up to 70 years old to the United States for 10 days, the total value of the insurance was R$177.18 in classic Allianz coverage, the cheapest. Even so, these amounts include coverage of medical and hospital expenses of R$ 150 thousand, in addition to dental expenses of R$ 2,100, medical transfer of R$ 42 thousand and trip cancellation of R$ 3 thousand. 

If you want to make a quote with the data and information of your trip, just access the Allianz Travel website and find the values on the fly.

Is it worth taking out travel insurance for the United States?

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To answer this question, just do the math. On a trip, where unforeseen events are always unpredictable, is it worth taking the risk of spending a fortune if something goes wrong? The values of travel insurance become negligible in the face of expenses that may occur if you do not hire this service.

With travel insurance, you guarantee comfort and tranquility in the event of a medical emergency, accident, lost luggage or other events that would give you a lot of headache without insurance.

How to buy travel insurance for the United States

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Buying travel insurance for the United States is very simple. At the Allianz Travel website, for example, it is possible to carry out the quotation on the spot. In addition, the company guarantees exclusive service, entirely in Portuguese and available at any time and day of the week. 

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