Check out these Cancun tips when planning your trip to the Mexican Caribbean

The Caribbean beaches are in the imagination of any traveler who values a good beach in a paradise destination, cancun, at the Mexico It is one of the destinations with the best infrastructure to receive visitors and also stands out for its vibrant nightlife, culture and unique cuisine.

The destination is located at Yucatan Peninsula, in the state of Quintana Roo and is one of the most sought after destinations by Brazilians who want to discover the clear waters of the caribbean. It's not just the beaches that promote cancun for the rest of the world, other historic attractions like the historic site of Chichén Itzá and the ruins of Tulum are hotly contested and well worth a visit!

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In this article we cite important tips so you don't get stuck in the whole trip planning process, check out our tips and run away from pierced when you meet cancun.

Documentation to enter Mexico

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Entry for Brazilians in Mexico does not require a visa, recently some immigration rules were changed and today Brazilians only need to present to the immigration officer a valid passport that covers the entire travel period. Even though you do not need a visa, it is recommended that you have your round-trip flight reservation in hand, as well as proof of hotel reservation and financial funds.


There are several options for tours and cool places to visit in Cancún, so that tours are not unavailable during the trip, it is recommended to book tours in advance, all services offered include transfers to attractions (they pick you up directly at the hotel) and tickets for tours.

Do not trust street vendors who are in tourist spots and at the airport, usually vendors offer more attractive prices but do not mention some details that can generate a headache during the holidays, many omit a small detail that you will need before taking the tours attend a lecture at the hotel and that most of the time the excursions are only carried out if you join the vacation club of these hotels, which normally cost more than 20 thousand reais.

For those who want to know the tourist attractions of Cancún, we recommend the agency Tio Nene Tours, specialized in receiving Brazilians in Cancún.

safety tips

Photo: Nextvoyage / Pexels

Cancún and its hotel zone are super safe and very touristy places, you can walk around the city peacefully at night and not be afraid even if you are alone, but when you are in very busy places (usually downtown and souvenir shops) pay attention with your bag and belongings should be doubled, especially when taking a dip in the sea.

Upon arrival

When arriving at the airport it can seem a little confusing, we recommend a transfer service which is also very common in the city. This can be one less concern avoiding possible problems. After checking in at your hotel, take the opportunity to move around the city more calmly, getting to know a little bit of this Mexican paradise. It is also recommended to previously hire the transfer service from a company to make your transfer. If you want to save money, use the local buses or taxis that go to the city center, from the ADO Terminal to the Hotel Zone.

When to go

Photo: Walkerssk / Pixabay

The sun is strong throughout the year in Cancún, but the seasons are different from Brazil, when it's summer there, it's winter here. The city receives tourists throughout the year, mainly between December and February, which is the driest time of the year and the high season period in the city. Cancun, like much of Mexico, is hot most of the year and the high temperatures serve as an extra stimulus to enjoy the Caribbean beaches and dives. During the night the weather cools down a little more, but it remains pleasant for those who want to experience the nightlife that the city offers.


The official currency of Mexico is the Mexican peso, but the use of the dollar is also very common, all commercial establishments use both currencies, but always returning the change in Mexican peso.

It is recommended to take dollars bought in Brazil to avoid the high IOF rate, and exchange at least a little to always carry both currencies. Debit and credit cards are also widely accepted in all restaurants and stores, it is also possible to find ATMs where tourists can withdraw cash in dollars or Mexican pesos.

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