Is it safe to send money via TransferWise? See how to send money with TransferWise and save money on currency conversions

Need to send values to another country? Discover the best way to send money via TransferWise. Currently considered the most economical way to send money to other countries, the British company has established itself as a fintech innovative. She was the only one who managed to practically eliminate customs fees in the movement of international shipments.

Basically the company has its headquarters in the main countries of the world, in this way it can guarantee fast transfers with really low rates. Depending on the country of origin, it is possible that the value will be available on the same day. 

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When you issue your TransferWise payment, the amount basically stays in the same country. Meanwhile, the head office of the destination country makes an internal transfer directly to your bank account, which can be a checking or savings account. 

To clear your doubts, see a quick step by step of how to send money using TransferWise.

Step by step on how to send money using TransferWise

Step 1: In principle, access home page and choose the payment currency and the currency you will receive in your destination country. The entire process to send payments takes less than 5 minutes.

Step 2: After seeing the value of the quote for the day and defining the amount that will be sent, click on “Start” or “Get started“.

Step 3: Choose from the options between People or Company, after that complete the next step filling in your email, password and country.

step 4: First of all, check the amount you want to send and what amount the recipient will receive. Therefore, it is worth remembering that you can send the money directly to your account or to a third-party bank account.

Step 5: Fill in your personal information in the “You” field.

Step 6: Enter the beneficiary's data by placing the person's name and the account number of the person who will receive the amount.

Step 7: Check all the data again and after that finalize the transaction. In this way, depending on the country of destination, payment will be available on the same day. 

If this step-by-step guide helped you on how to send money using TransferWise, share with your friends the easiest way to make international transfers and save money.

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