Discover the ski baptism, a tradition in Bariloche for those who want to take their first steps in skiing or snowboarding

If you intend to travel to San Carlos de Bariloche, know that it is very unlikely to see snow covering the icy mountains and not feel like skiing. For those who have no idea how to practice this sport, no problem. In the region it is possible to ski baptism, a kind of ritual for anyone willing to take the first steps in the activity.

Skiing or snowboarding is an incredible experience and provides a feeling of freedom unlike anything you've ever felt. In addition to learning something different, this closer contact with snow must be experienced by tourists, especially Brazilians.

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How it works?

In general, the ski baptism is carried out in full Cerro Catedral, the oldest and most famous track in the Argentina. The cerro – or mountain – has 120 kilometers on 9 ski slopes that can receive up to 35,000 skiers per hour. Visitors can count on the entire structure for skiing and snowboarding, in addition to enjoying absolutely incredible landscapes. THE Cerro Catedral It has tracks suitable for all levels of difficulty, from beginners to the most advanced.

THE ski baptism It lasts a full day, from 9 am to 5:30 pm, with two hours of collective practical classes with specialized monitors, where beginners learn some basic techniques. All this is carried out on the simplest tracks to facilitate the skill of new students. Afterwards, you can practice freely with the equipment until it's time to return.

Each person reacts differently to the ski baptism and each takes its time to learn. Some people can get loose on the slopes faster, others take a little longer. But no problem: the experience is valid in any case and, little by little, the learning is absorbed.

During the ski baptism, the Bariloche Select – one of the main travel agencies in bariloche – is the only one that offers an equipped lounge in the Cerro Catedral so that new students have a warm place to rest. With a fireplace at your disposal, it is ideal to shelter family members who are not skiing or for those who want to take a break. The place also has a restaurant where a typical dish of the region known as guiso de lentejas is served, a kind of hot and tasty lentil soup accompanied by vegetables and meats.

THE ski baptism It is ideal for those people who want to take their first steps in skiing or snowboarding more economically. This activity can only be done for people over 12 years old, but for younger children there is a “ski school”, where monitors teach the little ones how to slide through the snow, all with great safety and fun.

A tip is to dress in waterproof clothes before starting the baptism, as they are usually not included with the equipment rental and contact with ice is inevitable.

the best part of ski baptism is for the end of the activity, in which a traditional toast is held to celebrate the new adepts of skiing. This is a moment of great joy for all the victorious apprentices who spent an unforgettable day.

Photo: Publicity Bariloche Select

Photo: Publicity Bariloche Select

Go to bariloche and became interested in ski baptism? THE Bariloche Select is an agency that has been in the market for over 10 years and is specialized in Brazilian tourism in bariloche. Every year the company increases the number of tourists who are satisfied with the excursions carried out with complete safety, support and a huge variety of tours.

THE Bariloche Select It has a highly skilled and specialized team, as well as a special infrastructure to receive Brazilian tourists in Bariloche. Nothing like enjoying the best of the region with those who understand the subject, right?

+ info:

bariloche select
Phone: +54 294 4384161
[email protected]

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