Despite what many think, the use of masks and gloves are not so useful to avoid contamination. Check out other ways to protect yourself from the virus during a flight

Foreign airlines have suspended flights to countries with a high rate of contamination of the coronavirus. However, even with the outbreak, many flights are carried out daily to countries with proven cases. 

If you have an emergency trip and are unable to cancel or reschedule your flight, check out a list of tips that can help you protect yourself from the spread of coronavirus on flights.

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How to protect yourself from coronavirus on a flight?

how to protect yourself from corona virus flight

How to protect yourself from coronavirus while flying. Photograph: Chad Davis / Wikimedia Commons

Doctor and consultant to the International Air Transport Association, David Powell, says that masks are ineffective in protecting the virus. According to him, the best way to protect yourself is to sanitize your hands well, and when you cough or sneeze, use a disposable material instead of using your hands to cover your face. 

A study by Emory University, in the United States, indicated that one of the ways to avoid any contagious disease during a flight is to sit by the window. The reason is that these passengers stay away from the aisle, stand up less and have significantly less contact with other travelers.

The specialist also says that the possibility of catching a disease from the air inside an aircraft is a myth, because planes have a combination of fresh air with recirculated air, just like it is done in operating rooms.

Powell also claims that it is practically impossible to get contaminated just by touching seats and armrests, as airlines constantly clean at each stop to maintain quality hygiene.

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