The pleasure of a trip is not necessarily in some paradise destination or just inside some five star resort, we often dream of taking those 30 days of vacation or a sabbatical in our lives to simply make this world a little more human.

Something that may seem otherworldly, like “drop everything and go volunteer for some cause”, is nothing more than an individual achievement like any other. It needs planning, just like buying a car, taking a trip to Europe or an exchange, finishing that language course or whatever else you want. The recipe can be simple if you have focus: just have a goal and plan to happen, but remember, nothing will succeed without dedication and effort and this is entirely linked to your level of 'wanting'.

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After the post "Traveling the world as a volunteer: travel for good” we realized that the desire to travel as a volunteer is almost like a current of kindness that moves people. There are many who work all year round and during their vacations, instead of resting, they choose to escape the crowds and embark on social projects.

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Thinking about them, we separated another way to support humanitarian causes around the world. The UN – United Nations, for example, is one of the most important international fronts in the world and was created through the mutual interest of countries, thinking precisely of working for peace and world development.

All this work started much earlier than you might think. Soon after World War II, which devastated dozens of countries, there was a desire for peace across borders in order to reduce the damage caused by the war in several political leaders. Years later, with some readjustments and expansion, the organization grew more and more and expanded its fields of activity. Today it has become one of the most important international bodies for a less unequal planet.

travel as a volunteer

Photo: Reproduction UNHCR/Rucco Nuri – Flickr


Since 1970, the United Nations Volunteers Program (UNV) has been created and part of the work done in more than 140 countries is carried out by volunteers who carry out different missions around the world. There are several possibilities for volunteer work, not having to be exactly in natural disasters and war zones. As published by the UN, “This program also assigns professionals to sectoral and community-based development projects, humanitarian aid activities and the promotion of human rights and democracy in different countries of the world. (…) Volunteering benefits both society in general and each individual by strengthening solidarity, trust and reciprocity among citizens, creating opportunities for participation.”

Interested and willing to participate? Understand more about the United Nations Volunteers Program – UNV, check out some useful links below and register:

Program information –
Information about the program in Brazil –
Global program information – (In English)

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