Organizing the expenses of a trip avoids stress for a moment that should be properly pleasurable. Know how!

Traveling is definitely a pleasant experience. Sometimes, even when everything goes wrong, it is still possible to keep good memories. Unforeseen and unpleasant surprises, in many cases, are inevitable. But doing a planning, the risks, even for unfamiliar places, are much smaller.

still, organize the step by step to your destination It can be a very stressful task. Especially when it comes to spending. There are many cases of abandonment, or change of route, when information is lacking, or planning is not very adequate. But, we can guarantee, researching and knowing other tourists' experiences helps a lot when organize your own trip, especially when we talk about budget!

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One of these facilitators – this does not mean that it takes work and time to carry out – is a spreadsheet. An organized spreadsheet, of course! According to many travelers, experienced I would say, the best way to start a travel expense spreadsheet is to separate basic topics: Accommodation, Transport (used at the destination), Tours, Food, Ticket (especially if it is air transport), Extras (souvenirs, fees, etc.) and Unforeseen events.

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Knowing how to list each topic for your trip will guarantee spending security, avoiding excesses in one and shortages in others. The more specific each item is, the more organized will be yours travel providing more moments of pleasure and rest. It is also worth noting that sub-items can be added to more general topics. In accommodation, for example, it is possible to put personal hygiene items that are indispensable and even more personalized (a certain cream that cannot speak, or a shampoo, among others).

It is important to always count on one item: Unforeseen events. Having a financial reserve earmarked for possible uncomfortable situations will generate less concern in these specific cases. But remember: this money is not a surplus, that is, it should only be used as a last resort!

A good spreadsheet also avoids deception with apparent “promotions”. “Pay 12 times” in most cases is a trap. This can mean that you will pay twice for the same trip, or you will continue to pay for a trip made 12 months ago. Placing daily, everyday expenses allows for savings by making it possible to buy a ticket in cash.

Another very interesting worksheet is the one that organizes your day to day in the chosen destination. Put a division of morning, afternoon and night and what you will do in each period. In addition to not leaving you lost, looking for what to do, and often spending precious time, it guarantees a perspective of savings. Knowing what you are going to do each day avoids unplanned expenses.

For both worksheets, research is inevitable. And don't spare yourself. It is very possible to find accommodation that pleases you as much as the more expensive one, for a much cheaper price. This also goes for food. Look for reports from other travelers who went to the planned destination, ask, probe which places are unavoidable to go, which restaurants serve the best food (and cheaper, of course!) and etc. The worksheet also helps to focus on which research will be carried out at that moment. After all, opening multiple windows can get in the way when the intention is something more detailed.

Remember: the intention is to make the trip more and more pleasant and not an extreme control over everything. Because that can also get in the way a lot!

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