When it comes to saving money on a trip, buying a discounted air ticket is essential. Check out the post to learn more about it.

Buy airfare on sale it's the dream of anyone who likes to travel, but getting that mega price is not always so easy. The big trick is to follow some tips and pay close attention to the offers, that is: it takes a little effort, which is usually worth it.

Check out some of these below tips on how to buy cheap airfare and book a space in your diary for your next trip.

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Pay attention to airline promotions

This tip seems a bit obvious, but there's no getting around it. After all, for buy airfare on sale you must pay attention to any and all promotional price announcements.

To make this search even more complete, follow the airlines on social networks and sign up for their respective newsletters, so you can be one of the first people to be informed that there is a promotion going on.

Don't forget about price alerts

In addition to constantly monitoring promotions for buy airline tickets, be sure to create price alerts, as this will inform you whenever the value for the chosen destination drops.

Another golden tip is to visit airline websites at dawn. This option doesn't usually appeal to many people, but if you really want to know how to buy air ticket on promotion, it's really worth it, because at that time of day the prices are usually much cheaper.

If possible, be flexible about travel

Unless you definitely have to travel in a specific period, consider off-the-beaten-path dates to pack your bags and head to a new destination. In low season, for example, it is easier to get airfare on sale.

Making the purchase within 90 to 60 days does not necessarily correspond to promotional prices, but it also helps to pay less, so consider this tip more.

Prefer flights with stopovers and at the beginning of the week

Direct flights are usually more expensive, as they offer more agility for the passenger. Therefore, those with stopovers are more attractive in terms of price, as well as those that include trips made on Tuesdays, for example.

Here, once again, comes the question of flexibility to be able to travel, which also concerns the timetable.

What to Look for When Buying a Discount Air Ticket

Before setting off on your next search for airfare on sale, it is important that you remember that you need to analyze points that go beyond the low price offered.

A very attractive value can mean having to fly only in the middle of the week and at a very specific time, and often does not include the luggage to be checked, according to the policy that has come to be followed by many airlines.

Many flash ticket promotions can also cover sections that don't match your needs, so always read carefully all the information to know if it's really worth making the purchase.

once knowing how to buy cheap air ticket, choose your destination, look for the price that includes everything you need to travel with peace of mind, pack your bags and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Make your planning and be sure to know these places to shop in São Paulo

The city is always remembered for its gastronomy, for its intense cultural life and, of course, for its infinite options when it comes to purchasing great products, from the most affordable to the most exclusive. And this is only possible thanks to the diversity of places to shop in Sao Paulo.

In fact, among so many options, it's good to filter your choices by areas or streets, so you don't lose what you have most precious: your time. Wear comfortable clothes, drop off your heels at the hotel, and happy shopping.

good retreat

The Bom Retiro neighborhood is located in the central region of São Paulo and is a traditional area for shopping for good quality and affordable fashion. The main shopping street in the neighborhood is Rua José Paulino.

As the options are very varied, it is worth the basic tip: pay close attention to the quality of the clothes, which can vary greatly from store to store. Another important tip: if you can choose, prefer to go to the region during the week, as Saturdays tend to have crowded streets and shops.

MASP Antiques Fair

Sunday is the day to enjoy Av. Paulista, and arriving at the open space of MASP, you will find the traditional Antiques Fair that has all kinds of objects.

From works of art to crockery, crystals and decorative objects, the antique shops' stalls are a journey through time, with many charming surprises. It is possible to find affordable pieces, although the fair is known for its higher prices.

Oscar Freire

It is unanimous: Rua Oscar Freire is one of the most charming places to shopping in Sao Paulo. The street brings together stores of major national and international brands, with luxurious facilities and windows.

Even if so much luxury is too much for your consumption reality, the tour will always be worth it, as information on what's trending and even to stop at one of its coffee shops and enjoy the atmosphere.

Av Galleries. Paulista

Walking along the iconic São Paulo avenue is discovering a wonderful amount of “shopping labyrinths”. On the corner of Rua Augusta you can go to Conjunto Nacional, which is a small shopping mall, with a varied mix of products. If books are your thing, Livraria Cultura is a must.

Across the boulevard, Center 3 has over 100 stores for you to explore. In both, you will also find many options in gastronomy, from the side dishes for a perfect coffee to places where you can have a complete meal.

If your interest is in electronics and Chinese products, try Boulevard Monti Maré and Shopping Veneza.

March 25th Street

25 de Março has something for all audiences, and the super attractive prices added to the variety of options make up for the trip there.

Toys, jewelry, shoes, household items and gifts help to compose the mix of street products, making it one of the best places to shop in São Paulo.

Augusta Street

The traditional fashion street in São Paulo has, over the years, lost its original characteristics, but this has a positive side, as it now offers a wider mix for your shopping, with many charming corners where you can always discover delights that always reaffirm that São Paulo is the Brazilian capital of gastronomy.

But fashion and novelties are still present at Augusta, especially in the stores at Galeria Ouro Fino, very much in tune with the most hyped brands and trends. Explore all floors and be surprised.


At Brás, the watchword is low price. The favorite neighborhood of sacoleiras is perfect for those who like bargains and are not afraid to do a lot of research, go into many stores, from the gigantic to the small, half-hidden, until you find the perfect deals.

Santa Ifigenia

From cell phones to computers, Santa Ifigenia is the right place to find everything you want when it comes to electronics, including products, parts and even repairs.

The street, in the center of the city, is close to the Luz subway station.

Benedito Calixto Arts Fair

The fair in Benedito Calixto square, in Pinheiros, is a mix of thrift stores, antiques, handicrafts and hype products, as well as gastronomy. It must be appreciated calmly, so that you give yourself the chance to discover, in each stall, objects of desire that you could never imagine.

There are many others places to shop in Sao Paulo, but starting from these tips you will already feel dominating the city, being able to take many objects of desire back home.

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