On the Latam website you will find everything you need to buy airline tickets without any difficulties. Check out how to make a purchase and travel worry-free

Destination chosen and free dates on the agenda to be able to travel. Now all you need to do is buy the airline tickets, but do you know exactly how to do that? Okay, let's admit that the task is not that complicated and totally safe, but there are some details that deserve attention and are not always made clear when making the purchase, so below we will tell you how to buy air ticket at the Latam website.

If you are not an experienced traveler and want to know how to make an online purchase in just a few clicks. Here we separate a step by step with all the information to make the reservation of the ticket safely. At the Latam website you will find countless benefits and facilities to buy without fear and be able to enjoy your trip much more, such as redeeming miles with Multiplus points and choosing to buy with up to 4 segments to compose your itinerary.

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What to know when buying your air ticket on the Latam website

Yes, it is possible to choose up to 4 destinations buy air ticket at the Latam website, that is, you can easily visit more than one place on your trip. In addition, keep in mind the possibility of using your Multiplus points and the benefits of your Loyalty Card at the time of purchase. Knowing this, it's time to start the purchase process itself, which includes the following steps:

  •         enter Latam website and select the option buy air ticket, if not visible;
  •         Inform if the ticket is one-way or round-trip (here is the time to choose to fly to more than one destination, if that is your case);
  •         Choose which class you want to travel in;
  •         Redeem your Multiplus points or skip to the next step;
  •         Inform the places of origin and destination of your trip;
  •         Select the dates chosen to travel;
  •         Inform the number of passengers (adults, children and babies).

If your trip is in a group of up to 7 people, it is possible to buy all the airline tickets in a single reservation. If it is up to 9 people, just request the help of the sales center. Above that number, just click on “More than 9 Passengers”, fill out the form and wait for the contact. Pretty simple, isn't it?

Continuing with the purchase, do not forget to fill in the ticket with the correct name of the passenger, as stated on the identity document, and inform the number of the Loyalty Card, if any. Once that is done, just make the payment through one of the available means and wait for the purchase confirmation informing your order number and e-ticket. See how easy and fast it is?

Other facilities on the Latam website

Find out how to buy airfare in Latam.

In addition to getting buy air ticket quickly and safely, in Latam website you can enjoy many other features such as seat selection, travel changes, refund requests and much more.

You know that little extra space so sought after to be able to travel in comfort, without being bothered by the seat in front? And that change you need to make on your travel date? Confirm the reservation to see if everything is ok? In a few clicks you solve all this. And here's an extra tip: don't just stick to buy air ticket When it's possible buy packages, book hotels and rent cars on the same site.

now that you already know how to buy air ticket using the Latam website there are no more excuses for having to postpone your trips or ask someone else to do the shopping for you. Just follow the steps listed above, pack your bags and enjoy every minute at your chosen destination.

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