Looking for a way to buy cheaper dollar? Platform shows the best tourism dollar quote guaranteeing the cheapest rates on the market

For those who travel abroad frequently, finding the cheapest dollar is not one of the easiest tasks. With numerous exchange options on the market and prices that usually vary by day and city, finding the lowest price among so many offers becomes almost impossible.

Created with the purpose of helping people to buy cheaper dollar (and other currencies), the platform MelhorCâmbio.com allows users to find the lowest price for tourism exchange in more than 130 cities in Brazil.

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The platform works in real time, you search the site and their system automatically searches for the best quotes in more than 500 exchanges at once.

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The platform also recently launched a new tool, the Dolar today, this system allows the traveler to compare the commercial dollar with the tourism dollar on the same page, facilitating the understanding of the real value that the person pays for the currency for commercial transactions or for tourism. In another field updated daily it is also possible to see in which city in Brazil the tourism dollar is cheaper. This can be a good idea if you know someone in one of these cities, as they can buy dollars and send them to you. On the platform you also have the possibility to convert to other currencies such as Euro TodayLibra TodayCanadian Dollar Today it's the Australian Dollar Today.

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Everything is done in a simple way and solved in a few clicks. To use the platform is easy, the user just needs to inform the amount of currency he wants to buy, communicate the desired region and request the exchange rate. In a few seconds you can see the best values of the day. In the advanced options you can also inform what fee you would be willing to pay in the currency exchange. After this step, the system creates a competition between the exchange offices of the chosen city. If the value offered is attractive to any of the exchange houses, the sale is confirmed, saving time and money when haggling to get the best rate of the day. Good for exchange agencies that manage to attract new customers and good for the consumer who finds cheapest price for tourism dollar quote and other currencies.

For those who want, you can also follow the exchange rate variation by period, to decide the best time to buy. The system brings a graph that shows how the values fluctuate during the day, week and month.

buy cheaper dollar

How to buy cheaper dollar

After entering the home page you select the amount in the currency you want and the city you want to quote. After that click on “Compare quotes to…”.

On the next screen, the site has 3 columns. On the right, the exchange offices will appear with their respective quotes for purchases using a Prepaid Card. In the left column, the same happens, but a cheaper value, because in this the purchase is in cash. In the middle column, you can inform how much you want to pay in the quote and the site will contact all exchange offices in that city. If anyone is interested and accepts the value offered, the company will contact you directly to complete the purchase.

buy cheaper dollar

You can also contact exchange offices directly. Clicking on one of the results that appears will open a window with the telephone number, website, opening hours and address (with map) of the exchange office, along with the option “Make an Offer”, where you can try to negotiate a value below that informed on the website. .

Difference between tourism dollar and commercial dollar

Few people know, but the price of the tourism dollar is different from the commercial dollar. This is because one is intended for commercial transactions and the other is specific for currency exchange for travel and tourism. That is the reason that the tourism dollar value is a little more expensive. If your purpose is to travel, pay attention only to the tourism dollar exchange rate.

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