When it comes to international travel, insurance coverage can go unnoticed, but it also needs to be part of your planning.

Traveling abroad is a dream for many people. Just thinking about getting to know new cultures, places, languages and habits, makes us feel anxious. However, one cannot forget one very important factor: the Travel insurance, which is a protection in emergency cases and saves travelers from a lot of headaches.  

In some countries, for example, travel insurance is mandatory and may be required at immigration. In others, despite not being mandatory, it is very necessary to avoid extraordinary expenses that could compromise your budget – and your fun. 

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Is travel insurance really necessary?

international travel insurance

International travel insurance. Photo: sther Tuttle / Unsplash

It may seem like an exaggeration, but the answer is yes. It is necessary to prepare for the mishaps that can happen during your trip, after all, you never know how our body will react to an environment totally different from ours, right? 

So, if you want to avoid any headache, taking out travel insurance is the best solution. The watchword is planning and you need to prevent unforeseen events. And we're not just talking about health problems, as having good insurance can also solve other common travel problems that we'll see next. 

What does travel insurance cover?

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Travel insurance coverage will depend on the plan purchased, but in most cases, you will be supported in the following areas: 

  • Baggage loss;
  • Flight delay or cancellation;
  • Assistance in Hospital Expenses;
  • Dental expenses;
  • Pharmaceutical expenses.

This means that, if there is any unforeseen event, it is possible to call the insurance company and be reimbursed. Remembering that it is necessary to read the contract to know what types of coverage are released by each plan, right?

What are the types of travel insurance? 

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Speaking of plans, there are options on the market today that are sure to meet your needs. First of all, it is necessary to inform how your trip will be. The quote will also depend on your age and destination, as insurance policies do not follow the same rules for all destination countries. Some countries, such as those in Schengen Treaty, in Europe, require insurance with a minimum coverage of 30 thousand euros. 

A tip is to hire an insurance company that offers plans for all traveler profiles, as is the case with Allianz Travel, a company specializing in travel insurance. They have plans that provide all the assistance for pregnant women, backpackers, exchange students, for those traveling alone, with family or on business. The company has coverage on air, land and sea routes.

How to find a travel insurance specialist

International travel insurance. Photo: Tim Trad / Unsplash

When purchasing international travel insurance, be careful. Therefore, our tip is to hire a company that specializes in travel insurance, as is the case with Allianz Travel. With a lot of experience and a team available 24 hours a day, you will have support anywhere in the world with service in Portuguese.  

To quote your travel insurance, just access the Allianz Travel website clicking here, provide details about your trip and check available plans. In a few clicks you can hire and receive policies by email, in a simple and practical way. 

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