Surely you've thought about having an experience to leverage your professional career. Going to college in the USA has become a wish of people who think globally and want to fulfill that dream.

The American power has always been seen as a stronghold of people interested in expand your international careers beyond borders. Do college in usa, or even a exchange for a shorter time, it can be a great differential in the life and career of the student who wants to endorse his curriculum with an experience abroad.

How to Apply to College in the United States

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american universities they value diversity a lot, accepting many students from other countries, in addition, they take into account factors other than the results of the tests carried out at the university, such as: effort, their behavior during school teaching and their collaborations in class and in institutions.

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So first you need to research well which universities interest you, then enter the website of each one of them to understand what the criteria are to be able to apply.

A tip is to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), even if there is no entrance exam in the United States, this test serves to show if the student has the ability to perform basic questions in mathematics, English, science, history and foreign languages.

The possibilities for study, graduation and college in the United States are extensive and well known. The fame that their great economy has, is not for nothing, the land of the Big Apple, Business, MBA, Silicon Valley and so many other symbolic points that illustrate what everyone already knows: Americans know how to make biggest companies, the most recognized universities and promises, even if in theory, a land of freedom for all!

All this is also reflected in the job offer, which, before the pandemic, was very abundant. There are many types of jobs in the United States for students, from Disney to Las Vegas casinos. Also, another curiosity worth remembering is the offer of other jobs, such as those in which people win by playing poker or placing bets on sites like netbet casino. This is an activity that is permitted in the United States and other countries. Americans like and flaunt the culture of making money!

What do I need to get into college in the United States?

It is necessary to provide personal documents and letters of recommendation translated into English, and the recommended thing in these cases is to look for a professional translator, so that your documents have legal effect and end up being accepted by the faculty. This service is called “sworn translation”.

Another tip is to take foreign language tests, many American universities require this from students from outside the country, seeking to make a faster and more practical selection. As in most places the classes are in English, it is important to have a good command of the language.

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) are examples of tests that candidates can take, answering simple questions to test their level of English.

Free colleges in the United States

Most of the most reputable universities offer scholarships to students from abroad, sometimes at a discount and depending on the student, free of charge, with a full scholarship. So here we are going to talk a little about some colleges that give this kind of help to their students.


This is without a doubt one of the best known and most expensive colleges in the world, Harvard has the “need blind” for students from outside the country, which would be a full scholarship, providing financial support for you to get study without worrying about it, but of course this is not easy, this college is one of the most competitive of all, so it is necessary to have a very good application to get the vacancy.


In the same way as Harvard, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) also has “need blind” recruitment, giving full support for students to have a good candidacy, but at MIT, in addition, it is also necessary to prove that there is financial need of the student to be able to study with a full scholarship.


This college, like Harvard, is part of the Ivy League, a group of eight US higher education institutions that combine tradition and academic excellence, and of course are also considered the most expensive in the country.

Students can get full scholarships through curricula that delight those responsible for the college, in addition, the student also needs to prove that they need this scholarship financially.

How to get a scholarship in the USA

Getting a scholarship in the United States is not impossible, as many think, but it takes dedication, good grades and, of course, pursuing your goals. So if that's what you're looking for at the moment, don't stand still, get in touch with universities, prepare your documentation and don't stop training your English, the sharper the better.

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