Have you always wanted to study abroad? See everything you need to know about undergraduate, graduate and working abroad

 Studying abroad is a differential for the curriculum, so many Brazilians are interested in having an international degree. But how to get it? What is the admission process? How to choose the right destination or university? Is there an option to work and study abroad? All these questions have been answered in this step-by-step guide. 

How to do undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad?

 The first thing to consider is: which course to take? Students have the option of taking a full course, an academic semester or a summer course. It is important to organize yourself with respect to time and destination. The academic years in the countries of the northern region start in August, unlike the Brazilian school schedule, which starts in January. Therefore, registrations must be made as soon as possible. 

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 After defining the course period, you need to think about which university to choose. the exchange agency World Study, for example, brings several options for destinations: U.S, Portugal, Australia, England, Canada and among others. 

For this reason, students need to score well on proficiency tests. These tests depend on the university, in U.S, normally the TOEFL or IELTS is charged, but in other places the student may be required to take the Cambridge or DELE test, or an institution's own test. 

 Graduation and postgraduate work in a similar way in relation to documentation, remembering that everything has to be translated into the language of the country that will be sent. To study abroad, you will always be asked for a letter of recommendation, which usually comes from a professor nearby. In addition, it is necessary to send the academic transcript, either from the university you have already attended or from high school. However, for graduate studies abroad, some faculties may request extra curricular activities and the student's own curriculum.

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 After being admitted to the university, visa, health insurance, accommodation and travel details will be provided by the agency. But it's always good to do some research beforehand, making it easier to choose the destination.   

How to study abroad and work at the same time

 Studying and working abroad provides an even greater experience of the chosen country. Many exchange students choose this option precisely to help with their own travel expenses, in addition to putting into practice everything they learned in the classroom. The agency World Study offers this opportunity with the program “Study and Work” (work and study), without getting in the way of obtaining a degree.

For some destinations, no work visa is required, the student can get a job with only the student visa. as is the case of Australia, gives Ireland, of Canada and gives New Zealand. Some of these countries offer the option for all students with a course of 14 weeks or more. 

 At Ireland, the student must be enrolled in a course of at least 25 weeks, in order to obtain a work permit for 20 hours per week along with the classes. At the Canada, the condition for paid work is a little more restricted, because the student must complete a course of at least six months. 

 Other possible destinations to work and study are: United Arab Emirates, Malta and South Africa. These places are less known, but offer great opportunities, considering that the cost of living can be lower depending on the region of the country. 

In the United Arab Emirates, the work process is very simple, just be enrolled in an eight-week course. Already in Malta, students need to study for at least three months, counting that it is not possible to work in the first two. And finally, South Africa, which requires enrollment in a university or six months of prior training. 

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Studying Abroad: How to Get Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships

 A great advantage for students is being able to study abroad with a scholarship. But what is needed? First, decide the university and focus on the standard it demands. In general, they all demand academic merit from the candidate and outstanding performance in some specific academic field. Therefore, it is necessary to perform well in school and participate in extracurricular activities.

For example, the program BE USA, provided by the United States, which facilitates the student admission process. But even so, it is important to have an exchange agency behind you, to mediate actions and make everything easier. Here in Brazil, the World Study, for example, offers complete advice for these cases.  

Remembering that to study abroad it is necessary to have a level of fluency in the language spoken in the country, so the proficiency tests will be charged in the same way. To find these scholarships, enter the websites of the universities and look for the sector of “International Students” (International Students). There it is possible to discover the specific requirements of each institution. Thinking that, most have their own documentation required for the acceptance of the candidate, especially the option of scholarship for financial need, which ask for proof of income. 

 After that, just focus on keeping good grades and enjoy the trip by diving into your studies. For this it is essential to study and research as much as possible about the university you want to enter.

Top destinations to study abroad 

 Some countries are preferred by Brazilians who want to exchange and change their lives. The leading country in this ranking is Canada. This is one of the cheapest destinations to study abroad, as well as having a wide variety of programs available. THE Canada It has an excellent quality of life typical of the first world, infrastructure and stable economy, and also offers several places to walk, ranging from spaces with lots of nature to quiet beaches. 

 Soon after, the more traditional countries arrive: U.S and England make the minds of Brazilians who want to study abroad. The North American is in focus for offering different types of climate and environments, for example New York which has a faster pace of life and California, which is the land of surfers and relaxing beaches. Just like the USA, England attracts students because of its tourist attractions, as well as the cultural issue of traditionalism in the language and the country's infrastructure. 

 countries like Australia, New Zealand and the Ireland have several points in common, being also considered favorite destinations for Brazilians who want to experience outside Brazil. The three locations can be more affordable for those who intend to study the English language, in addition to providing the option to work and study, reducing travel costs. What draws a lot of attention in these countries is the quality of life and the landscapes that can be captivating. 

 Finally, other countries that have been growing with search demand is the South Korea, Malta and South Africa. So much Malta as for the African country, they are destinations that have English as their mother tongue, and are usually more affordable compared to other options. The three countries provide a rich experience for those looking for a cultural exchange, in addition to increasingly improving the curriculum.  

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