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If you only intend to cross neighboring borders, going to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Ecuador or Bolivia, the worry is less. Since it is not necessary to present a passport, just your original identity card (RG), in good condition and with less than 10 years of issue.

However, if the destination is different, it's good to prepare yourself so you don't have a headache when boarding. For those traveling abroad for the first time, as well as for U.S, it is normal for numerous uncertainties to arise how to get american visa, what the passport is for or even the difference between the two. Many questions will arise when you start planning your trip to the United States. But don't worry, nowadays there are easier alternatives that guarantee your trip.

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Beyond the U.S, if you intend to travel to any other place in the world, you must obtain your passport. A passport is an international personal document that allows you to enter and leave other countries legally. This document is issued by the Federal Police and has recently had some readjustments in the new law. As an example, increase in price and validity, now issued passports are valid for 10 years.


Unlike passports, visas are an authorization that countries provide for foreigners to visit. This second is only mandatory in some specific countries. European Union countries, for example, do not require visas for tourists who stay there for up to 90 days.

If the trip is for work with defined round-trip dates, accommodation booked and a dollar amount for the period of stay, everything is easier. These proofs can be presented at the time the american visa is requested. For exchange students, the process is carried out directly by schools intermediated by Brazilian agencies.

In 2012, a new system for issuing visas to land in the United States came into force. Now people who live outside the capitals will have to go twice to get their American visa, once for the CASV and another for consulate interview closest to your city. see a step by step on how to get your visa:

Documents Required: How to Get a US Visa

The first step on how to get a US visa is to have a valid passport, if you don't already have yours check it out What are the documents needed to get the 2018 passport. Next, you need to fill out the DS-160 form, in English. In this way, telling the reasons for making your trip, paying the fee and scheduling the interviews.

On the appointed day, you will certainly need to go to the consulate with: income documents and own assets, Bank statements of the last three months, income tax declaration, registration of real estate or deeds and vehicle registration certificate, if you have a car.

In addition to the documents listed above, some others required for different traveler profiles are:

self-employed professionals

In order to obtain a visa, it is necessary to have the company statement on letterhead, with information on the service provided and the amount received monthly; service provision contract, functional portfolio (such as CRM for example) and the proof of income perception of the last three months.


It is necessary to take work card it's the salary slip of the last three months.


In this case it is important to be up to date with the social contract and pro-labor three months prior to the interview, as well as a copy of the CNPJ, company statement and declaration of income tax.


If you're retired, don't forget to proof of INSS it's the income tax of the last year.

How to get a US visa step by step

Form DS-160

The first step on how to get a visa for the United States is to fill out the DS-160 form, available on the website https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/, the form must be completed in English and with all updated information. All questions are asked in English, but for those who do not understand the language, there is a mechanism on the website that translates into Portuguese, facilitating understanding. Please fill in carefully and save the steps, if the site expires you will have to fill in the form again.


For visitor visas that do not require a petition, the application fee is R$160. Payment can be made by credit card through the scheduling website, telephone, cash, Citibank branches or bank slip.


The next step on how to get a visa for the United States is the interview. After waiting for the required period for confirmation of payment (2 working days) it is necessary to make an appointment. With the number identified as "our ticket number" and receipt of payment of the MRV fee, just enter the website https://brazil.usvisa-info.com or fur call center. The waiting time for the interview varies according to the chosen location.


Included in this new system, it is necessary to go to one of the Visa Applicant Service Centers to collect biometric data (fingerprints and photo). Applicants over 66 and children under 15 are exempt from the collection.


Attend the scheduled interview at the embassy or one of the consulates to present a valid passport and the confirmation page with the barcode of the DS-160 form. Applicants over the age of 66 and children under 15 are not required to be interviewed.


It is very likely that after having done all the previous steps, your visa will already be approved. In this case, you will receive the passport with the visa at your home or at the pre-chosen CASV, according to the option informed in the interview.


The US government maintains telephone exchanges to resolve any queries and provide services to applicants, including paying fees or conducting interviews.

Getting a US Visa with Companies

To make life easier for those who visit the U.S as a tourist or on business, some agencies such as netvist are specialized in expediting the obtaining of passports and consular visas for citizens throughout Brazil. The service is personalized by an agent of the company itself that helps the tourist at all stages when planning the trip.

In addition to frequent support at each stage of the process, they also liaise directly with consulates and government immigration agencies. If your destination is the United States, for example, the interview with the American consulate (which is mandatory to issue the visa), also has the help of a professional netvist that guides on the main questions, preparing the traveler for a better performance in this phase.

The entire form to apply for visas is also facilitated by the agency. With simplified filling, easy to understand to ensure that your trip goes without unforeseen.  

Visa denied

There is also the possibility that your visa application will not be approved in the United States, and this occurs for several reasons, whether due to lack of documents, mistakes made during the interview or even lack of connection with the country, which may be reasons for your visa. be denied, often without guaranteeing us any great explanations.

You should know that the United States is one of the strictest countries with immigration issues, which creates great difficulty for tourists from outside the country who seek North American destinations.

However, if your visa is denied you can apply again within a few days, but if your deadline is short and the trip cannot be rescheduled, look for an agent specializing in consular visas to guarantee your boarding.

Other documentation

For those who intend to drive abroad, some precautions are necessary before leaving, the netvist it also offers the procedures for the withdrawal of the international driver's license (PID - International Driver's License) required in several countries, including the United States. This documentation helps when the tourist rents a car in another territory, making the process even simpler, being also an extra guarantee in case of infractions or accidents. In addition, Travel Insurance is essential for anyone going abroad and can be a great convenience to get rid of any unforeseen event.

The best thing for a smooth trip is to plan everything in advance, and as some of these procedures can take time, don't leave it to the last minute. Researching detailed information about your destination's immigration policy is also essential and can be the best way to prevent future wear and tear.

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