Companies offer the advisory service for issuing passports urgently

Unfortunately, it is not allowed urgent passport be issued for tourist trips, but some alternatives can be framed in your process to speed up the issuance procedures. According to information from the Federal Police, purchased tickets are not a reason to request emergency issuance either, although if you have already purchased them, you are advised to take them with you at the time of request, as this can speed up the process. However, some cases are foreseen, and asking for the issuance of such document it can be very simple.

Now if your case is to issue urgently, some companies are specialized in expediting passports and visas. Companies like netvist manage to streamline the entire process, from filling out the form to scheduling the collection of fingerprints, photos and picking up the passport. In some cases, depending on your region, this entire process can be done in up to 6 business days, while in particular it can take three times as long.

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How to apply for a passport urgently

Some prerequisites allow you to apply for passports more quickly. The emergency situations already described and which will be accepted in the passport application are:

- Natural disasters
– Armed Conflicts
– Immediate travel needs for health reasons of the applicant, spouse or second degree relative
– Heritage protection (loss of airfare or accommodation does not count)
– Due to work needs
– Due to humanitarian aid
– Interest of Public Administration
– Or other situation in which the advance of the trip causes serious inconvenience to the applicant

Who analyzes whether the case is reason for issuing the emergency passport is the Head of the Post of the Federal Police Department where the request is taken. The protocol for requesting the emergency passport is basically the same as normal:

1 – The applicant must fill in the application form on the Federal Police website under “Passport Issuance”. Remember to have all the necessary documentation to do it.

2 – Go to the nearest post that issues the emergency passport. Attention: not all stations perform this service. You can check the stations that issue the emergency passport on here.
* It is not necessary to make an appointment or pay the GRU. It will be generated at the post itself

3 – Take with you the Request Protocol, original personal documentation (same as in item 1) and the document proving the reason for urgency (official, medical certificate, etc…)

4 – The post authority will assess whether the case characterizes a reason for the emergency document. If the reason is valid, it will generate the payment slip (GRU) proper to the emergency passport. The emergency document issuance fee is higher than that of the normal document. To issue the common passport the current fee* is R$257.25 while for the emergency passport the fee is R$334.42.

5 – After verifying the documentation, collecting the fingerprint, capturing the photo and paying the fee, the passport will be issued within 24 business hours.

The delivery of the emergency passport will only be carried out to the holder in person and provided with an original document with photo and in good condition.

The tip for those who don't have a minute to lose to get the document is not to go on weekends and AVOID times close to the end of the day, as it is forbidden to issue any passport outside the opening hours of the post, regardless of the emergency situation. .

*the values were verified in November 2017


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