Discover how to get to Canoa Quebrada, one of the most charming beaches on the coast of Ceará, from Fortaleza, Ceará

Who arrives at the small village of broken Canoe is surprised by the number of attractions and the beautiful scenery present in the region. Paradise beaches, cliffs, dunes, lakes and natural pools are the main tourist attractions to discover in the destination. However, Canoa Quebrada goes far beyond its landscapes, the excellent hotel and gastronomic structure and the bustling nightlife are other positive factors that help maintain the reputation of the place.

The capital of Ceará is just 166 km from broken Canoe and the access to the destination can be done in several ways: transfer, taxi, car own or in buses of travel, leaving from the Eng. John Thomas.

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Going by own vehicle, take the CE-040 to the municipality of Aracati, after arriving in the city, take the BR-304 and travel the 15 km to Canoa Quebrada.

The company São Benedito is responsible for the transfers on the travel buses to Canoa Quebrada, 6 times a day. The trip lasts 3h30. Some taxi drivers offer the same 1h30 journey.

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