Find out how to get to Caraíva – Is it worth renting a car? What is the nearest airport? Can I take a day trip from Porto Seguro?

the vtrip to Caraíva It takes time and willingness, but it's worth every second, because when they arrive in the village, tourists find a very special climate and many beauties. 

You must have heard that the more difficult the path, the better the destination and when it comes to caraiva, could not be otherwise. a village in south coast of Bahia, which is becoming more and more popular among tourists, especially among young people, for having a rustic atmosphere, which is rarely found in tourism today. It is there that the river meets the sea, marking one of the main attractions of the place and where life gets lighter, more beautiful and with another vibe.

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how to get to caraiva

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It even made me want to pack my bags, didn't it? And it only increases when tourists arrive there and are faced with a rustic village, with sandy streets and no light pole, which makes two essential items for this experience: flip-flops and flashlights. In addition, the other good news is that the entry of cars is prohibited, which leaves an air of interior and disconnection with the world. Take the opportunity to be enchanted by the colorful houses and flowery streets, a common scenario in the center, where shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and inns are located. 

The beaches are also the main attraction of Caraíva, some almost deserted, because they are more distant and with more difficult access, however, even those that are close to the village, provide great moments in the midst of nature. Include Praia da Barra in the list, which also guarantees a delicious bath in fresh water, as it meets the river. It is perfect for relaxing by the sea and is just a 4-minute walk from the center. The Caraíva River is also another postcard of the city, which attracts many tourists to re-energize and even the most agitated, who cannot stay still and opt for kayak and boat trips to see the mangrove and everything that nature provides the most beautiful. 

For lovers of more deserted beaches, with a crystal clear sea, it is worth going to Praia do Camarão and Satu, which are true paradises. Riding a buggy is another very common tour and suitable for those who have more days to spend caraiva and time to discover the most distant beaches, which do not disappoint, such as Mirror Beach and Ponta do Corumbau. And finally, but importantly, dedicating the late afternoon to enjoying the sunset on a beach or river is mandatory. This is an unforgettable experience, which guarantees a stunning and eye-popping look. But save energy to enjoy the night, whether listening to good music or dragging your flip-flops to forró. 

How to get to Caraiva


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Caraíva is a village 70 km from safe harbor, where most tourists arriving by plane arrive, as it is the closest airport. Access to the village is not the easiest, but that's what makes it so special and preserved. Whatever your route, or means of transport, you will need a boat to cross the river Caraíva. It's a good opportunity to get into the rustic atmosphere. It's just a five-minute drive. Be careful when taking a lot of luggage, as it can complicate when arriving at the inn. This is a trip that doesn't require luxury, just disconnection. 


It's possible rent a car at the airport and choose between two paths, the first, shorter, is via ferry to Arraial d' Ajuda and has 70 km. However, the road requires a lot of attention and experience from the driver, as there are many stretches of land that are potholed and are practically impassable when it rains. There are floods and only cars with greater traction can transit in these situations. In addition, the signage is precarious, which can confuse people who do not know the roads, even using location apps. The path is shorter, but it is worth evaluating the conditions, which can bring unnecessary inconvenience during the trip, such as a flat tire. 

But all is not lost, as there is another option via the BR-367 and Trancoso road (BA-001 and BA-283), whose road is much better preserved and offers better conditions for traditional cars. The route is 100 km and takes up to two and a half hours to complete, longer and longer, but offers more safety

It is worth remembering that in caraiva cars are not allowed, they must be left in the village of Nova Caraíva, which is on the opposite bank of the Caraíva River. There are parking lots available that charge a daily rate for the vehicle. It is a more practical way of traveling, but it is important to evaluate the costs as well and the number of days you intend to stay in the place. 


Another economical and very common option for get to Caraíva is to go by bus. Just cross the ferry from Porto Seguro to Arraial d'Ajuda and go to the Ferry Terminal, where transport departs. Buses leave every half hour between 7am and 3pm and during high season the fleet increases. The journey takes an average of 2h40. The ticket costs R$ 20.00 and the Blue Eagle Viação that operates the stretch. For more purchase information, go to site from the company 

taxi or transfer 

Another option is to book with a taxi driver to make the journey, or with a travel agency, if you are looking for more comfort and safety. There are numerous that perform this service and pick up passengers at the airport, however the value can be higher. Another tip is to look for taxi drivers who are also used to doing this. On this Caraiva website there is a lot of information about the place and how to get there. 

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