This famous ecotourism destination in Goiás is close to Goiânia and Brasília. Therefore, we will tell you how to get to Pirenópolis from Goiânia or Brasília

Wants to know How to get to Pirenopolis? One of the amazing places to visit in Brazil, the city in the interior of Goiás is one of the main ecotourism destinations, sought after for its beautiful waterfalls and impressive natural scenery.

In addition, it is an important historic city, with beautiful mansions and centuries-old churches, even listed as a Historical Heritage by the Iphan (Institute of National Historic and Artistic Heritage).

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Located in the middle of the savannah, Pirenopolis it is 130 km from Goiânia and 150 km from Brasília, practically halfway between the two capitals. Therefore, if you plan to visit it from other states or countries, the two cities are the best gateways, as they are home to the closest airports.

THE city of Pirenopolis it even has an airport, but it does not receive commercial flights. So, unless you decide to visit it by helicopter or private plane, you will have to disembark in Brasília or Goiânia. From there, the route to the destination will be by land, car or bus.

With that in mind, we prepared this post with tips for how to get to Pirenópolis from Goiânia and Brasília. Here, you will understand how to go to the destination by car and bus from both airports. 

When to go to Pirenopolis


Photo: Mauro Cruz / Wikimedia Commons

Before, however, it is worth noting that the best time of year to visit Pirenópolis is between the months of May and September, during the dry season. If you can, choose to travel there between May and June, when the rains are scarce, the vegetation is still green and the waterfalls are full of water. Between August and September, the levels of the waterfalls decrease and both the climate and the vegetation are dry.

During the rainy season - between the months of October and February - the storms are constant and can interfere with the tours, in addition to the risk of water heads. However, at this time the waters of the waterfalls are warmer and the sun makes the temperatures always high.

How to get to Pirenopolis

Now let's get down to business. Check out our tips on how to get to Pirenópolis from Goiânia and Brasília. Discover the best airport option for you and the best way to go to this incredible destination in Goiás.

How to get to Pirenópolis from Goiânia

capital of Goiás, the city of goiania it is 130 kilometers from the destination and is home to the nearest airport, 118 kilometers away. To get to Pirenópolis from Goiânia, there are some route options that have an average distance of 125 km.

By airplane

THE Goiania International Airport – Santa Genoveva receives flights from the main airlines and from several locations, including the main Brazilian capitals. It is 8 km from the city center and offers car rental and transfer services, as well as easy access to the Goiânia Bus Station, 11 km away.

By bus

To get from the airport to the bus station, the best option is to take a taxi. The journey between Goiânia and Pirenópolis by bus takes about 2 hours and is operated by Viação Goianésia. Departures are daily and only take place at 5 pm. Arriving in Pirenópolis, it is possible to hire a motorcycle taxi or taxi to go to the waterfalls and other tourist attractions.

By car

You can rent a car when you arrive in Goiânia – at the airport itself there are companies that offer this service – or hire a taxi, driver by app or transfer to go to Pirenópolis.

There are some route options to the destination, the most common being: via BR-060, passing through Anápolis, and GO-431, with a duration of 1h50 and 128 km; or via GO-080 and GO-222, passing through Anápolis, and GO-338, with a duration of 2h05 and 129 km.

How to get to Pirenópolis from Brasilia

The capital of the Federal District is relatively close to Pirenopolis, since the distance is similar to the capital of Goiás. Brasília International Airport is 151 km from the city and, from there, there are some route options, ranging from 150 km to 180 km. Check, below, how to get to Pirenópolis from Brasília.

By airplane

THE Brasília International Airport – Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek is one of the main ones in the country and receives flights from several destinations, both national and international. It is located in the Lago Sul region and, in addition to car and taxi rental services, it has access to bus lines that go to the Interstate Bus Station, 11.5 km away.

By bus

From the Interstate Bus Station, it is possible to travel from Brasília to Pirenópolis on the buses of Viação Goianésia. The journey between the two cities takes about 3 hours and there are morning and afternoon departures.

By car

There are three most common routes to get to Pirenópolis by car from Brasília: the first passes through Águas Lindas de Goiás, Cocalzinho and Corumbá; the second passes through Abadiania; and, finally, the third passes through Alexânia, Olhos D'Água and Corumbá.

The first one follows the BR-070 highway and has more traffic, which is why it is the slowest. The journey is 150 km and takes about 2h10. The second follows the BR-060 highway and, despite having the longest stretch (177 km), it is a double lane road and takes 2h30. The third route follows the BR-060, passing through Alexânia, and covers 156 km in 2h20 of travel. 

With so many options for how to get to Pirenópolis, you have no more excuse not to plan a trip to this unmissable destination in Goiás. Whether by plane, car or bus, you will have no problem visiting the city and will still be able to enjoy all the unmissable attractions in the region.

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