A place of incredible landscapes and experiences, Serra da Canastra is easier to visit than many tourists imagine.

Serra da Canasta: what do you know her? If nothing or little, here are some interesting information. THE Serra da Canasta It is the birthplace of the São Francisco River, home to the maned wolf and source of the Canastra Cheese, awarded worldwide and considered a national treasure throughout the world. Does it seem little? Well, add it all to natural vegetation, fresh air and dozens of waterfalls, including one almost 200 meters high, 4×4 tours and trails in the middle of the savannah. Visiting the farms, tourists can taste not only the wonderful cheese, but also the typical Minas Gerais coffee, produced there.

There is much, much more to add to this list. But we don't need to mention these other “items”, as you can see them yourself on a trip to this paradise.

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Arriving in Serra da Canastra, more specifically in Sao Roque de Minas, its main municipality, is much simpler than many people imagine. And if you're from Sao Paulo (capital) just follow the tips below to start your trip.

How to go to Serra da Canastra from São Paulo using the bus

How to go to Serra da Canastra from São Paulo

Photo: Mateus S. Figueiredo / Wikimedia Commons

This means of transport is the first because it is by far the most practical for those who are already in the capital of São Paulo or live close to it.

In fact, it is the best tip for those who want to know how to go to Serra da Canasta considering a fundamental factor: comfort! After all, with it you will save approximately 8 hours driving and you can travel at night, taking the opportunity to sleep and reach your destination at dawn.

But let's get to the main points:

  • Buses depart from Tietê Bus Terminal and end in the city of Piumhi, 40 minutes away from São Roque de Minas;
  • There are quick stops (for embarkation and disembarkation) in cities such as Campinas and Capitólio along the way;
  • THE Union Express is the only company that offers this route, with buses departing at 8:00 am and 10:00 pm (the return time is at 8:00 am and 9:45 pm).

You buses departing from São Paulo at 22:00 they arrive in Piumhi at 06:00, maybe with a few minutes more or less, so going from there also using buses can be a problem: there are only two times that leave for Sao Roque de Minas, at 06:00h and 15:00h.

To avoid the rush to not miss the 6:00 am bus towards São Roque, or even manage to get on it and take much longer than 40 minutes to reach the final destination, it is best to stay in a hotel that helps optimize your journey.

The best tip in this regard is to Hotel Chapadao da Canastra, which provides a driver or a taxi to meet guests at the Piumhi bus station punctually. There's time to have a delicious breakfast, change and go for a walk to enjoy the whole day through the Serra da Canasta.

How to get to Serra da Canastra from São Paulo by car

How to go to Serra da Canastra from São Paulo

Photo: Disclosure

THE car is also an option for those looking to know how to go to Serra da Canastra from Sao Paulo, but it is worth remembering that it is almost 600 km (about 540 km, to be more exact) and 7 tolls that make up the path, with an average price of R$10.00 each until the date of this post (03/2019).

The trip, to follow the same route as the bus, starts on Rodovia dos Bandeirantes and follows other important roads, such as Anhanguera and Rodovia Adhemar de Barros, until reaching MG-050.

And here's a warning: the roads of Serra da Canasta were made for 4×4 cars, so if your car is not of this type, it is essential to hire the tours at the hotel itself or tour companies in the region, such as Canasta Eco 4×4.

Believe me: even those who have a 4×4 often cannot manage to drive there, it is worth having a guide along (not to mention that the lessons learned from those who really know the place are incalculable and make the script much richer).

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