Discover how to get to Mundaú, one of the most charming beaches on the coast of Ceará, from Fortaleza, Ceará

The charming village located on a peninsula between the sea and the Mundaú River, is a few kilometers from the capital of Ceará and can be accessed in a few hours in three ways: own or rented vehicle, with tours offered by tourism agencies in Fortaleza and in by travel bus departing from Rodoviária Eng. John Thomas.

Mundaú is located in the municipality of betrayed, 127 km from Strength. Access is via two major highways in the state, with excellent stretches. Leaving the capital by vehicle, just follow the west coast of Ceará, accessing the CE-163.

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The stretch passes through cities such as Cumbuco, Paraipaba and betrayed. The last kilometers give access to a junction with direction arrows on one side and Mundaú on the other. The road passes through dune fields and continues along the sea.

Another option on how to get to Mundaú is to hire a transfer service at an agency in the capital of Ceará. Many operators offer full day tours to Mundaú, with a stop in Flecheiras.

Starting from buses, the company charter offers the route 3 times a day to the municipality of betrayed. From there it is necessary to catch another bus. Mundaú.

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