Whether by plane, car or bus, the capital of Mato Grosso is the main base for those traveling to this destination. So, check out our tips on how to get to Nobres from Cuiabá

Wants to know How to get to Nobres from Cuiabá? The capital of Mato Grosso it is 125 km away, houses the nearest airport and has easy access to the destination. So, if you are planning to travel there, check out our tips on the way to this amazing place.

Land of crystalline rivers, many waterfalls and caves, nobles very similar to the famous Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul. However, with a very significant difference: the values of services and tours are much more affordable.

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Nobles is in Metropolitan Region of the Cuiabá River Valley, and, despite the tourist activity, it preserves the atmosphere and simplicity of a country town. It is a destination for those looking for extreme contact with nature. There, internet and cellular signals are scarce and accommodations have more familiar features, with less luxury.

THE way to Nobres from Cuiabá passes through plantations and pastures and reveals a little of the interior of Mato Grosso. Upon arriving at the destination, you will find surprising natural beauties, such as the Enchanted Aquarium, the Serra Azul Waterfall and the Lagoa das Araras.

Perfect for those who love ecotourism, the city is a great travel option and deserves to be on your next itinerary. So, check out the following tips on how to get to Nobres from Cuiabá and understand the best way to get to know this unmissable destination in Mato Grosso.  

Tips on how to get to Nobres from Cuiabá

how to get to nobles

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Whether by plane, bus or car, the capital of Mato Grosso is the main base for those going to Nobres. Despite the distance, access is facilitated by paved and well-signposted roads. In addition, there are several options for paths and means of transportation. Check out.

How to get to Nobles by plane

There is no airport in Nobres, so if you plan to travel there by plane, you will have to disembark in Cuiabá, Marechal Rondon Airport. Upon arriving in the capital of Mato Grosso, it will be necessary to travel 130 km to Nobres.

Therefore, the best option is to rent a car to travel to the destination. But don't worry, there are several companies at the airport that provide this service. The route between Cuiabá and Nobres is made on the MT-010 highway and takes about two hours.

Another option is to take the bus to Nobres, for this you will need to travel 11 km from the airport to the Bus Terminal in Cuiabá. This stretch can be done by public transport, taxi or car by app. 

How to get to Nobres from Cuiabá by bus

The bus trip from Cuiabá to Nobres is longer than the one by car, and takes up to 3 hours. Buses depart from the Cuiabá Bus Terminal four times a day and are operated by the Metropolitan Transport Consortium (CMT).

There are also buses that go directly to Vila Bom Jardim. In this case, the route may take longer and there is only one trip per day. However, you will be closer to the main attractions of Nobres.

How to get to Nobres from Cuiabá by car

There are two ways to get to Nobres from Cuiabá by car: one for those who are going to the city center and another for those who decide to go to Vila Bom Jardim, where most of the attractions of the destination are.

The route from Cuiabá to Nobres is made by the MT-010 highway to Rosário do Oeste, then follows the BR-364 to the city center. Another path that can take you to Nobres is Estrada da Chapada and Lago Manso (MT-020). There is less traffic, but it is recommended to take this route during the day, as the night lighting is poor, making it dangerous. If you go from Cuiabá to Vila Bom Jardim, you don't have to go through Nobres. Just follow the MT-355, MT-244 and MT-241 highways on an all-paved route of 144 km.

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