How to travel from Buenos Aires to Montevideo? How much ? Which company offers the route? Check out these tips and combine an itinerary between Argentina and Uruguay

Buenos Aires It's been on the Brazilian route for a long time, but what many don't know is that it's possible to extend the trip and take a mini tour of the Rio do Prata region. In the itinerary, visitors can choose to visit the capital Montevideo and the lovely Colonia de Sacramento in a few hours of travel.

The route is very simple and can be done by boat and bus and also allows you to stop in one of the oldest cities in Uruguay, the charming Colonia de Sacramento.

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How to get around between Buenos Aires and Montevideo

How to get from Buenos Aires to Montevideo

How to get from Buenos Aires to Montevideo. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Leaving the Argentine capital is very simple as several companies offer transport by boat to Colonia de Sacramento and make a combo with bus service to Montevideo. the path of boat leaving Buenos Aires until Colonia del Sacramento it takes about two hours and the road to the capital takes another 2h30.

Uruguay was centuries in dispute between the Spaniards and the Portuguese, so much so that its independence only came in 1825, and these two stops on the trip will highlight that in your eyes.

Colonia de Sacramento It is considered one of the oldest cities in Uruguay. Its foundation was during the 17th century, but it was still for more than 100 years in dispute between the two European powers. This is a great dish for explorers, as each little stone street in the historic center has a beautiful landscape that mixes the preserved facades with the river in the background.

the bus heading to Montevideo it leaves at the end of the day and arrives in the capital at the beginning of the night, which still leaves the visitor with time to watch the Uruguayan tango in the bars. It is possible to explore the city in two or three days, but reserve a few more days to visit the wineries in the region. Finding a good location in Montevideo is more than essential, especially if you are staying in the city for a short time. In this other article we talk a little about the experience of staying at Hyatt Centric Montevideo, in front of the waterfront. Check out the 4 options to go from Buenos Aires to Montevideo:

Boat + bus via Colonia del Sacramento

This is the cheapest option to travel between Montevideo and Buenos Aires. There are 3 companies that offer the combined boat + bus, buquebus, a seacat and the cologne express. Leaving the Buenos Aires capital, it is necessary to cross a stretch of Mar del Plata by catamaran to the port city of Colonia del Sacramento. From there you take a 2h30 bus to Montevideo.

direct boat

The second way to cross the Prata is to take the direct ferry from Montevideo to Buenos Aires. The only company that operates this route is buquebus. The trip lasts 2h15 hours


If you are traveling by car between countries the best (and fastest) way is to take a ferry boat from Puerto Madero with the buquebus. The trip takes 2h15 and gets off at the port's passenger terminal in Montevideo.


The route between Montevideo and Buenos Aires is a popular air shuttle between executives. Currently only the Argentine airlines connects the two destinations on short 45 min flights.

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