There are several ways to get from Paris to Brussels, find the one that works best for you

if you have one scheduled trip to Paris, in France, and with a few days to spare, has already considered scheduling a visit to Brussels, in Belgium? The two cities are relatively close and you can take the opportunity to include a new country in your itinerary.

THE distance between Paris and Brussels it is only 315 kilometers, that is, you can even take a day trip to enjoy a day full of culture and beauty in the Belgian capital.

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Paris to Brussels: what is the best transport option?

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Paris to Brussels by train

Any trip through Europe has the benefit of a very well-connected rail network, where it is possible to travel long distances in a short time thanks to high-speed trains. with the path of Brussels to Paris is no different.

In this case, there are a few options: companies Thalys and the NS International they operate the route on high-speed trains, with prices starting at 29 euros each way (that is, consider paying double for the round trip), which tends to increase tickets if they are not purchased in advance. The journey lasts from 1h to 1h30 and there are several trains that operate daily.

The company Thalys also operates a low cost line, called Izy, and uses the common rail network between the two countries. Despite more attractive prices, from 19 euros the journey from Paris to Brussels, the journey in this case takes approximately 2h30.

Trains operate at the same stations, departing from Gare du Nord in Paris and arriving at Brussels Midi station in Brussels.

Paris to Brussels by car

The car is also an option for those who want to travel from Paris to Brussels. The A1 and E19 highways connect the two cities over a distance of approximately 315 kilometers. Don't forget to consider the toll expenses, which for this stretch are around 15 euros, and the fuel expenses, which are approximately 45 euros, totaling, on average, 60 euros.

Paris to Brussels by plane

Another option for those who want travel from Paris to Brussels it's by plane. There are daily flights from Orly or Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris to Zaventem airport in Brussels. The trip takes less than an hour, however, flight prices are usually less attractive than those by car or train. It is also necessary to consider the travel time to the airports, which are a little further away from the centers of the capitals.

Paris to Brussels by transfer

There is yet another way to travel from Paris to Brussels: hiring a transfer service. But how exactly does it work? The transfer is offered by companies that travel between the two cities, picking up passengers at an agreed location in Paris and transporting them to Brussels.

THE France among Friends, based in Paris, is our tip for anyone looking for this type of service. The company has a modern fleet of cars with private drivers who speak Portuguese. With a specialized team, travelers don't have to worry about road fines, tolls or spending hours at the airport or trying to find a train ticket.

Now that you know the options for getting to Brussels from Paris – whether by train, plane, car or transfer – it’s time to plan your trip and enjoy every incredible place that the Belgian capital has to offer.

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