Find out how to hire a transfer service from Rome to Pisa

Pomegranate It is one of the most sought after destinations by tourists worldwide. main destination for anyone visiting Italy. And it's not for less, since the city It has numerous open-air attractions, with museums, monuments and thousands of years of history scattered around every corner.

Located right in the center of the country, the Italian capital also has the advantage of being the main starting point for visiting other regions, including the beautiful city of step.

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step is a charming town in the bucolic region of tuscany. the hometown of Galileo Galilei is certainly one of the most interesting places in the Italy and its main attraction is the tower of Pisa. If you also want to register the classic photo “holding” the tower, it is worth including a tour to step starting from Pomegranate.

Yes, despite the 380 km that separate the two cities, it is possible to travel by car from Pomegranate or the opposite route, starting from step. Due to the distance and to prioritize safety and comfort, many tourists end up choosing to hire a transfer service that performs this route.

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Transfer from Rome to Pisa

Hire a transfer service Pomegranate for step it can be worthwhile for those who want to get rid of unforeseen circumstances such as traffic fines, parking spaces, among others. In addition, it is a way to ensure greater comfort for the trip, leaving time to enjoy the main attractions.

THE transfer can be done in private cars or in groups, just schedule with an agency that offers this type of service in Italy. Some companies have drivers who are also accredited guides, expanding the tourist experience with information and curiosities about each place.

Some of these companies that provide the transfer on Italy they also have drivers who speak Portuguese, facilitating communication with passengers. The advantage is that these specialized professionals are already used to Brazilians, their culture and preferences, which makes the trip even more special.

one of them is the  Elmocar, which has been welcoming Brazilians to Italy for over 20 years and offers the best tours and tours in the region. To hire the services, just  get in touch and plan a personalized itinerary.

Guide in Portuguese in Italy
Tel: +39 06 52 27 92 15
WhatsApp: +39 346 754 55 18

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