Learn how to put together an ideal itinerary so you don't miss the most incredible attractions in Bonito

Traveling is a delight, but when the destination has as many incredible attractions as the city of Beautiful (MS), prepare a road map that contemplates all the attractions can become a challenge. After all, there are caves, springs, waterfalls, spas and much more to enjoy. So, what to do in Bonito without missing a beat?

The Better Travel Guide, in partnership with São Jorge, tourism agency in Bonito that carries out several tours and tours in the region, prepared a guide to create a script in Bonito leaving nothing aside and with several tips to make your trip even more unforgettable.

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Itinerary in Bonito: optimize your time

How to create a script in Bonito

How to assemble a script in Bonito. Photo: Disclosure

One of the most precious tips for anyone planning a trip to Beautiful is to organize the script optimizing the time. For this, it is necessary to reconcile nearby attractions to visit on the same day, so you don't waste time moving around.

But it is possible to do two tours in Bonito on the same day? Yes it is: most activities only last a few hours, so you can combine up to three attractions in a single day. This, of course, has to be evaluated according to your mood: are you used to an intense pace of activities?

For those who are not, a tip is to intersperse more demanding attractions (such as trails, bike, rappel, among others) with more peaceful ones, such as fluctuations, for example. You can do these activities on the same day or every other day to save even more energy.

During the planning your itinerary in Bonito, do not forget to also consider that it will take you one day to arrive in the city and another to leave, that is, it will be necessary to reserve some moments of rest to enjoy every incredible detail that the nature of the city has in store.

Itinerary in Bonito: diversify the tours

How to create a script in Bonito

How to assemble a script in Bonito. Photo: Disclosure

When creating a script in Bonito, it is important to diversify and include at least one tour from each activity category. It is interesting to visit at least one waterfall to cool off in its waters and enjoy the natural scenery of the trails that reach them.

Be sure to schedule at least two floats to see the amazing underwater life of rivers, such as the River of silver, one of the most famous in the region, and the Sucuri River, which has one of the clearest waters in the world.

In your script by Bonito, it is also worth inserting the tour through a wonderful cave and being dazzled by its impressive geological formations. The most famous are Blue Lake Grotto and the São Mateus Grotto. Also don't forget the amazing resorts in the city, like the Island of the Sun spa, to spend the whole day there performing various activities in the midst of nature.

The most courageous should also include a more radical activity, such as abseiling, scuba diving, buoy cross, tree climbing, horseback riding, quad biking, paragliding, in short, the possibilities are immense. For those who have more time, it's worth giving a “stretch” to the Pantanal, a journey that takes less than 300 kilometers and compensates for its unique natural beauties.

Also reserve some time for activities in the city, as the center of Bonito offers several shops and good restaurants. Speaking of which, whoever wants to enjoy the night of Beautiful (MS) to carry out tours, a tip is the Jiboia Project, which does an incredible job of environmental education to demystify the idea that all snakes are dangerous and should be killed.

Itinerary in Bonito: book in advance

how to set up a script in Bonito

How to assemble a script in Bonito. Photo: Disclosure

A very important tip to prepare a good itinerary is to book all tours in Bonito in advance. As it is a destination very visited by tourists, the main attractions they are very popular and receive a limited number of visitors per day. Therefore, it is really difficult to get tickets on time for the tours.

To guarantee that you will be able to be dazzled by the beauties of all places, it is necessary to purchase the accesses with an accredited agency. Depending on the period in which your trip will take place, the attractions are even more popular, especially during school holidays and holidays, such as Carnival and New Year's Eve.

Booking with an agency, in addition to guaranteeing the visit, you also get more advantageous payment conditions, since most of them allow the tours to be paid in installments.

Our tip for those who want to book tours is the São Jorge agency, which also offers great and well located hotels in Bonito. The company gives full support to tourists who want to know the main attractions in the region, with bilingual guides who know how to give the best tips.

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