We separate everything you need to know to apply for your Portuguese citizenship

Ah, that dream of getting Portuguese citizenship or any other European country… Who never had it, right? However, it is the kind of dream that not everyone can fulfill, as it has specific rules and, for many, involves a lengthy and expensive process. But it's worth a try, if you fall into the audiences that can prove their connection with Portugal.

See below some points that involve Portuguese citizenship.

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Who can try to get Portuguese citizenship?

Some examples of people who can apply for Portuguese citizenship are:

children of portuguese

If you are the child of a Portuguese mother or father (or both) born in Portugal, or who also applied for citizenship and obtained it, as a child of Portuguese parents.

grandchildren of portuguese

Even if your father or mother does not have Portuguese citizenship, you can apply for it by proving that your grandparents (or at least one of them) were/are Portuguese.

People who have a Portuguese partner

Women who have married Portuguese people (born in Portugal or who have Portuguese citizenship) before October 1981 can seek nationality, and will be considered Portuguese from the date of marriage.

Men married to Portuguese women for more than 3 years become Portuguese from the date on which the record is drawn up. The same occurs for stable unions of the same period (at least 3 years).

other cases

Descendants of the so-called Portuguese Sephardic Jews who can prove that they are can also obtain Portuguese citizenship, as well as people born in colonies that once belonged to Portugal, and it is up to them to seek the so-called Conservation of Nationality.

There are several groups that can apply for this citizenship, with each one of them having to present specific documents and go through different processes from each other.

As an example, let's talk about what is necessary for children of Portuguese parents to obtain the dreamed of Portuguese citizenship.

What is needed to obtain Portuguese citizenship if you are a child of Portuguese parents

Aveiro. Photo: michelmondadori / Pixabay

The first thing to know is that it will be necessary to go to the Consulate General of Portugal, where the entire process will actually begin. You will also need to make a payment, the amount of which must be confirmed with the consulate itself.

Regarding the documentation itself that must be presented, it includes everything from the completed application form and the applicant's birth certificate to the documents of the parents.

The birth certificate of the father or mother who was born in Portugal or acquired Portuguese citizenship must also have a version “made” in the other country, which can be requested by informing the full name and date of birth. The Citizen Card of the same (or both) is also required, and must be within the validity period. It is a unified Portuguese document, which allows authorities to obtain several data at once.

It is very important to pay attention to the authentications and notarization of some documents by the responsible bodies. Criminal records, for example, must be legalized by the consulate itself and also by Itamaraty, and the same occurs with birth certificates.

If you are of legal age, the ideal is to go to the Consulate General to start the process, but if this is not possible, just send a legal representative, considering that a duly drawn up power of attorney must be made containing your signature recognized in person. .

Sound complicated?

Following the step by step and all the tips and information contained in the website of the Consulate General of Portugal you can take the first step or, if applicable, do as many applicants do and nominate a person to be your representative, in addition to hiring professionals able to deal with this type of situation, streamlining the process.

Process that can also be started in a trip to Portugal, instead of being administered all of Brazil. By opting for this, the help of an expert becomes even more special, after all the value involved will be much greater.

Start small, by visiting the website linked above, and you will learn more about how to get Portuguese citizenship.

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