Now Brazilians can create a bank account in Europe and the United States using only their passport number, even without citizenship

If you are planning to do an exchange program, live in Europe, the United States or work for a company abroad, it is worth checking out this article. Opening a bank account in Europe or in your destination country is essential to make transactions with less fees. In addition, it is extremely necessary to have a balance in euros or dollars and be able to receive your salary without having to convert each payment.

For those who are living outside Brazil or intend to live abroad, you also need to be careful not to pay unnecessary taxes abroad.

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how to open a bank account in europe it is just one of the doubts that arise for those who are moving or spending time outside the country. If you are going to study or even work in a European or North American country, an account to receive payments in the local currency is extremely important. Creating a bank account in Europe is very simple, see how to register on Digital Bank N26.

Is it worth opening a bank account in Europe?

One of the benefits of having a European or American bank account is the savings in currency exchange and debit and credit payments. Cards are normally valid throughout Europe and the United States. In some cases, depending on the bank, the value of the current exchange rate is updated. Definitely the best option for those who live outside Brazil.

One of the taxes that most discourages Brazilians who used to love shopping abroad is the IOF. Since 2011 this tax is 6,38% and has become a nightmare for those looking to travel abroad. For short trips, the best way is still to take part of the payment in dollars or euros (depending on your destination), as you avoid paying the fee in part of the amount you will pay during the trip. The credit card, on the other hand, can be good for accumulating miles, but in practice it makes your stay abroad more expensive.

The tax on financial transactions (IOF) levies all purchases made with a credit card abroad. Even for withdrawals at ATMs, purchases in stores, restaurants and also when changing to the currency of the destination country, that is, it makes the trip more expensive. That is why it is not advantageous to use your Brazilian account abroad. You lose with it.

How to open an account in Europe

Free European bank account with N26.

How to open a bank account in Europe?

If you are going to live in another country, one way to avoid paying these unnecessary fees is to have a bank account in europe (or at your destination). recently the Digital Bank N26, which functions as a European version of the Nubank, became well known by Brazilians living abroad.

Mainly because of the ease of opening an account without fixed fees and the possibility of doing so without having to have proof of address in your name. So customers can receive their European debit or credit card at home. To open the account is very simple, you can follow this step by step after seeing our tips.

It is worth mentioning that the company also accepts the registration of Brazilians who have a passport and to make their account they only request a valid address in Europe or in some other country accepted by the N26. Remember that it is also important to have a mobile number from the same country.

As we mentioned before, the proof of address does not need to be in your name, making the process easier, but it is necessary to use a valid address to open a bank account in Europe, as the physical card will arrive at the address you provided. See below which countries are accepted for open an account on N26.

In which countries can I open an N26 account?

Despite being accepted at ATMs and establishments practically everywhere in the world, associated with the MasterCard brand, if you want to open an account at Digital Bank N26, you will need to have an address in one of these countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom or United States.

In this way, people who already have an address and a telephone number in one of these countries can create the registration, even if they are in Brazil. Some of them choose to make the bank account before the trip and then ask someone to send the card, so they can travel with the international card. Opening a bank account on N26 is quite simple.

What is Banco Digital N26 and how does it work?

A digital bank seeks to modernize all banking processes, using applications to manage bank accounts, make transactions and communicate with agents, all done online. Therefore, the Bank N26 works as a normal bank like any other, but, as it does not have physical branches and consequently less costs, these fintechs – as digital technology and finance companies are called – are able to charge much better values for transactions, avoiding the fees of traditional banks.

Among them, Banco N26 has become a quick option for Brazilians who want to open an account in Europe, the United States and several countries as we have previously listed.

Virtually all your operations will be done in your Online Banking, accessed through your computer or in the application on your cell phone. You can send and receive payments, check your balance, block your card, manage investments and make payments online. For customer support, speak to a human representative available every day of the week

You receive the physical card in less than a week, without the need to fill out paperwork. Open an account at a international online banking like the N26 is much easier. These banks partner with credit and debit card brands to facilitate operations. Most of them offer free bank accounts, as in the case of the German company N26. Find out how fast it is to create your bank account in Europe without spending anything, make your registration.

Can Brazilians open an account on N26?

Brazilians can also open an account at N26, as long as you have a valid passport number, address in one of the countries mentioned and a telephone number for your country of residence. Use a number from the same country as your proof of address. For now, Brazil is not yet on the list of countries available to register, but there are plans for the N26 to arrive in national territory in the near future.

How to send money from Brazil to N26?

Send remittances from Brazil to a N26 It's quite simple. Just choose operators that transfer abroad, such as TransferWise which has a partnership with N26, in addition to practicing the best quotation on the market. The conversion is done in real time in an integrated system, using the IBAN code of your account. See all the details on the page how to send money from Brazil to N26.

How to open a US account

Bank account in the United States or Europe, see how to make yours.

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