Sending money from Brazil to N26 is much easier than you might think, see what the best conversion is for your international transfer and spend less on your trip

THE Bank N26 became the solution for Brazilians who want to have a bank account in europe. THE fintech German allows Brazilians residing abroad to have a free bank account in Europe using only their passport number, without the need to have European citizenship. Perfect for exchange students or for Brazilians who are going to live abroad. The bank came as a way to reduce all the bureaucracy when opening a bank account and being able to use a debit or credit card abroad.

There are certainly different benefits to this, even more so for those who intend to work in Europe and need to have an international account to receive their salary. Use the card on a daily basis without having to pay the 6,38% fee of IOF, the tax on financial transactions, also tax spending abroad. Still don't have a free digital bank? See how simple it is open an account at Banco N26.

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But, a very common doubt of those who use an account abroad, is to know how to send money from Brazil to N26 or other international banks, as the account details are different. In addition, the account number of international banks is different from Brazil, where we simply put the branch number, account, CPF of the holder and bank code. Offshore accounts use other systems as detailed below.

How to open an account in Europe

Send money from your Brazilian bank account to N26.

How to transfer money from Brazil to N26

To send payments to accounts abroad, the process is different. Countries abroad use codes called IBAN and BIC (Swift), as is the case with N26. These codes work like the account number, allowing financial transactions between people from other countries. Everything is done online and securely, being one of the best ways to send money.

By the way, to send money from Brazil to the N26, converting at a lower rate than Brazilian banks, the best online transfer conversion we found is TransferWise. To register and send money is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes, precisely because it is an integrated service N26. Look as if sign up for TransferWise, the whole process takes just a few minutes for you to send money to your N26.

European bank account

Brazilians can create a bank account in Europe using only their passport.

Payment methods to send money from Brazil

There are different payment methods available for you to send transfers via TransferWise. Below we list in a practical way some important details about these options:

fast transfer – You can send the amount by bank transfer (TED). The fee cost is R$ 27.03 per transaction. The amount arrives in 5 hours for transactions made in the morning (Brazil) or arrives the next day, and may take 3 business days if payment is made on a Friday.

standard transfer – You can send the amount by paying a bank slip. The fee cost is R$ 33.92 per transaction. The transaction is only confirmed after clearing the boleto, not being viable for those who need speed in the transaction.

*This simulation of how to send money to N26 was made for sending R$ 1,000.00 from Brazil to Europe. Fare values may fluctuate depending on the amount.

send money to N26

Learn how to put money in your N26 bank. Photo: Sharon McCutcheon

About TransferWise

TransferWise is a British online system that allows customers from all over the world to make international transfers within minutes. The exchange rate is the same as shown on Google.

Competitive rates become a solution for those who do not want to pay the fees charged by Brazilian banks, saving money on transfers and remittances. Need to ship urgently? see the fastest way to send money to other countries.

About the N26

THE N26 is a free German digital bank, where Brazilians living abroad can create a bank account using only their passport and proof of address.

The bank is present in 25 countries in Europe and the United States, but is accepted worldwide through the MasterCard brand. THE fintech German allows you to create a bank account in europe or in the United States in a fully online process. The customer receives a physical card in the debit or credit function directly at the registered address. Our columnists tested Banco Digital N26 and proved the efficiency of the European company.

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