Discover ways to save money when sending money to Brazil or other countries

If you live outside the country or went to travel and needed to make a transfer to a Brazilian account, you came across high fees that are charged to move funds. To help you save in these moments, we've separated some transfer modalities which are more economical.


This is definitely the best tip we could give and we will explain why. nowadays the fintech from London has become the most viable option for those who want to make transfers to Brazil with a much more favorable exchange rate. Make sure you get the best quote of the day. make your simulation here.

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The reason for this is that they created a method of sending shipments that reduces customs fees. See how simple and easy it is send money via TransferWise.

Transfer bank

This is one of the most used, however the most expensive and time-consuming ways to send money to Brazil. It is possible to make the transfer by common bank.

To make this type of transfer it is necessary to have an account in a bank abroad and send it to the account in the Brazil. Each bank charges a different fee, so before carrying out the procedure, research these values so you are not disappointed with the invoice later.

Western Union

Western Union allows users to choose between two ways to send money to Brazil, either in person or online. That's why this is one of the most used ways, however, the company often offers higher rates than the other options.

The easiest way is online, where on the site you pay using your debit or credit card and the person you sent it to must go to a Western Union branch in Brazil to pick it up.

But if you want to do the process in person, go to an agency, fill out the form and an attendant will make the transfer for you.


Another simpler and cheaper way is by MoneyGram, which allows you to transfer money to a company branch in Brazil or even directly to a bank account in the country.

For each of the modalities, the rate is different, so before deciding which one you will use, it is advisable to do a simulation on the website.

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