The process to obtain US citizenship requires attention and patience. Find out more in the post below

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A lot of people want to know how to get american citizenship, but did you know that not everyone can fulfill that dream? The process to obtain this citizenship, by the way, is not so simple, literally taking years of living in the country to be able to take the first step.

If your parents are Americans, or at least one of them, you don't have much to worry about, but if the idea is to become a naturalized American being a foreigner, by marriage or not, you need to have more patience and commitment.

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explain in detail how to get american citizenship would make this post considerably long, so over the next few paragraphs we'll show you the bare minimum you need to know to get started.

What to Know Before Taking US Citizenship

The first thing you should know to take citizenship in the United States is to understand that this will only be possible for those who are legally living in the country and already have the famous Green Card, which is one of the main documents requested.

Living on American lands for at least 5 years, or 3 in case you are seeking citizenship by marriage, is also essential, as well as presenting documents that prove this housing, such as rent payments or fixed bills (internet and telephone, for example).

See what else is needed in the process of take american citizenship:

Pay taxes correctly

Being with all taxes up to date is essential to become an American citizen, which will be carefully checked by the USCIS, which is the immigration service present throughout the country.

have a good conduct

Any applicant for US citizenship is also evaluated with regard to their criminal record, whether inside or outside the country. A simple fine obtained must be taken into account and reported.

Fill in the specific form

filling the Form N-400 it is essential for take US citizenship, as it is where all and any important information for the immigration service will be. Filling it out can be tiring, so it's common for many applicants to hire specialized lawyers to help with this step and the entire process.

Be fluent in the language

It is not necessary to be an expert in English, but it is important to know the language well enough to be able to express yourself correctly either in writing or orally. During your interview this will be put to the test along with your knowledge of American history.

Yes, there is a little “oral test” in which you will have to know things like names of presidents and civil rights.

take the oath

Documentation ok and interview done successfully. Now to finish take US citizenship there remains only one extremely important step, which is to take the oath to the country. During the ceremony, there are even those who cry with emotion, but after this moment, sublime for many, the process will be over and you will have your dreamed citizenship.

Prices to get citizenship in the United States

All the process to get american citizenship also has a total cost of US$725.00, verified on the N-400 form page in August 2018. This amount corresponds to the fee for the form itself and also for the biometric service, considering that it is mandatory to register a fingerprint.

Some factors, such as the age of the applicant, can reduce this value, but when in doubt, always check the website or, better yet, hire a lawyer specializing in immigration to help you with all the details, avoiding mistakes.

now that you already know how to get US citizenship, assess whether you already have everything you need to begin your process to become a US citizen.

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