Site gathered boats and sailboats for you to exchange work for trips around the world

You can, for example, cross from Panama to Mexico, all this without paying anything, traveling in vessels of different sizes. As a contribution you help with everyday tasks, working in the most diverse activities. Trips are divided into three categories: recreational, professional and commercial. While most opportunities are for work on boats smaller like sailboats and boats small. The destinations? Expeditions through the most fascinating places in the world, perfect for those who want an experience totally different from the ordinary.

Would you like hitchhiking on boats and sailboats? Opportunities can work as an exchange, where the traveler applies for voluntary work or being paid, making an agreement where the person is paid for the period of work. All this negotiated directly with the vessel's owner. Nowadays it is increasingly easier to find opportunities like these, we have already talked here about professions for you to work traveling, where you maintain your professional career and only adapt your work to a nomadic style. and also has how to change work in hostels around the world for those who are not excited about the idea of living on a boat, this one works basically the same, where you receive accommodation and sometimes food in exchange for a few hours of work. This new collaborative wave that has emerged, seeks to allow people to travel spending less, being able to know different places in the world.

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How to get a ride on a sailboat

Starting the voyage on the high seas. Photo: TRAVELSTACHE

Sailboat culture is much broader than we imagine and is increasingly on the rise. In the world of sailing there are three very common forms of travel, they are:

  • Traveling as a tourist: you pay a price per day and enjoy all the comforts of the trip effortlessly.
  • Traveling as a hitchhiker: the captain seeks company for the trip and also someone to help with day-to-day tasks, such as cleaning and cooking during the trip. In this one you pay nothing, but you also don't receive money for the exchange.
  • Traveling as an employee: the captain hires you as an employee, vacancies may vary depending on the type of trip and vessel.

One of the ways to find vacancies to work on board on boat trips, is the social network Find a Crew, in Portuguese “find a crew”, the initiative seeks to connect boat owners with people interested in work on board, traveling as an employee or as a ride. On the site there is a free registration option, where there are some limitations to contact vacancies and another premium option, where contact with boat owners is made by direct message. However, even in the free option it is possible to find an opportunity, just create your profile and send alerts for the vacancies of interest. The social network is only in Italian and English, but it is very intuitive.

In Brazil the site sail Brazil, one of the biggest on sailboats and boats, has a category that works the same way, intermediating boat owners with people who want to be crew and travel by hitchhiker. The site is completely free and you can register your interest in the crew of classifieds.

There are also groups of sailors on Facebook and there are always opportunities for rides, it is worth following along:

Laura Dekker, a professional sailor, is one of the social network's ambassadors. Via: Find a Crew

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