Do you have a scheduled trip abroad, but were taken by surprise by the rise in the dollar? See how to travel with the dollar on the rise and not give up on the trip

The dream of discovering a new destination or country must be very well planned. Not everyone can afford a ticket abroad at the last minute. But even if the tickets were cheap because you got that near-perfect promotion, the expenses don't end there. We separate some tips on how to travel with the dollar on the rise and follow through with travel plans.

In fact, those who go abroad always think about shopping, especially electronics, since most of them are much cheaper when compared to the prices found in Brazil. 

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It is always advisable buy the currency of the country of destination before traveling or taking part of the value in dollar or euro, in case it is necessary to travel with a strong currency at the time of conversion. But often the difficulty lies in knowing when is the best time to buy these currencies and get the best exchange rate. 

Dollar reaches its maximum and reaches R$ 4.49 – Photo: Sharon McCutcheon

Why did the dollar rise so much?

Recently everyone has been taken aback by the rise in the dollar. If your trip is in the next few days, you are certainly following the Latest news about the subject. Just do a quick search to see how the dollar has risen this week, including breaking all-time highs.

Undoubtedly this is one of the biggest nightmares of travelers. Because, in addition to devaluing our currency against other countries, international travel is also even more expensive. Especially if you are going to destinations in Europe or the United States.

Since always the exchange between currencies is variable and you never know until the date of travel if the dollar will be cheaper or more expensive. However, with some knowledge about how the exchange works and the help of specialized websites, it is possible to buy cheaper dollar and other currencies.

To begin with, it is important to know that travel with the high dollar It can be a challenge, but it's not impossible. Basically, the variation of the currency is influenced by the law of supply and demand, that is, the more dollars in circulation in the market, the cheaper the currency is to buy. 

If there is a retraction in the market, for example reducing investment by companies abroad, consequently our currency starts to devalue. Moments of political uncertainty also influence the final price of the quotation, as well as economic instability in the country and other external factors.

For these reasons it is important to be informed about the national and international economic situation and to make frequent searches of the exchange variation before your trip. This way it is easier to know if it is possible to buy dollars or euros cheaper.

Cheap travel abroad

To circumvent this situation, one of the techniques that frequent travelers use is buy foreign currency little by little, so you can save, in case there is any sudden change in the price just before your trip.

how to travel in high dollar

See how to avoid extra costs and travel even with a high dollar. Photo: Nick Pampoukidis / Unsplash

In case you have time, another tip of how to travel with high dollar, is to wait to buy the coin in times of low season in tourism, because then you have a better chance of buying coins with the exchange cheaper, as there is not much demand. 

Will the trip be in the next few days? In this case, it is worth looking for sites that make real-time comparisons showing the price between exchange houses, such as good rate it's the Exchange Store, for example. 

How to travel with a high dollar and not give up on the trip?

Other strategies that can help when saving on your trip with the high dollar would be adapting your itinerary, changing the type of accommodation and the activities you will do at your destination. Below we separate some of these tips for you to get the best out of your trip.

Travel saving tips

Choose your destination well

Choose more affordable destinations for your travel may be a good solution for this moment. If you manage to change the destination, consider visiting countries where the foreign currency does not have as much influence, as in the countries of South America or same places to travel in Brazil. Therefore, in addition to saving on the value of the ticket, these other destinations have a much lower cost of living.

Adjust your script

Reduce the length of stay on your trip or organize your itinerary to spend less time in places with higher prices, for example the main tourist attractions in your destination. Usually these places are the most expensive, regardless of the country chosen.

Accommodation and accommodation

Saving on accommodation can be a good alternative for your trip not to be ruined by the high dollar. If the hotel initially chosen is a 4 or 5 star, it is worth considering other more economical options. Whether in a slightly simpler hotel or even accommodation in the Airbnb. Even in this link you can receive a credit of R$179 for your first trip using the platform.  

Food and restaurants

Another suggestion that should be considered is that, depending on the traveler's profile, food can also be a decisive factor in expenses during the trip. One of the options in this case is to look for more economical restaurants or if you are in a residence, hostel or flat, make your own meal during some moments of the trip. 

Tours during the trip

Is the trip already booked, have the hotels and plane tickets already been paid for? Prioritize free activities, outdoor tours and more affordable attractions to spend less on your trip. In practically all destinations and major capitals there are several free museums, cultural centers and free walking tours.

Buying Dollar or Euro

When buying foreign currency, choose to search on price comparison sites. As we said above, these companies show the cheapest values offered by the exchange houses in your city. Surely you will find a big difference in values.

Change travel date

Nobody likes to postpone trips, after all we plan so much to make this dream come true. But unfortunately, sometimes this is one of the few alternatives we have. If this is your case, it is worth rethinking the period of your trip and relocating to a more economical time such as the low seasons, so you have more time to plan calmly, buy foreign currency and make the most of your trip. 

how to travel with high dollar

Price of trips abroad: see how to travel with the dollar on the rise. Photo: Kai Pilger / Unsplash

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