Travel Insurance: learn how it works, what the coverage is, how to apply and how to hire it. Discover the benefits of international travel insurance.

You are visiting the place you always wanted to visit. or are enjoying a family trip or a honeymoon after the long-awaited yes. And the trip is perfect until something unforeseen arrives to give you a nice headache, like lost luggage or delays. In such cases, travel insurance ensures that your vacation remains perfect. But do you know how it works?

Travel insurance

Travel Insurance: learn how it works and how to hire it. Photo: Disclosure

How does travel insurance work?

Travel insurance is a contract that undertakes to provide medical assistance in the event of certain problems during a national or international trip.

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When planning your trip, it is important to confirm that your destination requires mandatory insurance.


THE Travel insurance has some basic coverage that prevent travelers from spending thousands of dollars on emergency medical care. Medical, hospital and/or dental expenses; Body transfer; Sanitary return in case the traveler is unable to return by normal means; Medical transfer to the nearest clinic and hospital; in case of natural or accidental death while traveling and Total or partial permanent disability due to an accident while traveling are mandatory coverage in any travel insurance plan.

In addition, most travel plans also offer compensation in the event of lost, stolen, stolen, damaged or destroyed luggage, as well as in the event of flight delays or cancellations. In addition, it is possible to hire customized plans for exchange students, those who will practice extreme sports and business travelers. 

To facilitate the process, the Real Insurance Travel compares offers from multiple carriers based on country of origin and destination and round-trip travel dates. 

How to activate travel insurance?

To activate the insurance, simply contact the operator hired by the telephone numbers indicated, informing the policy number. These are the steps in all occurrences, just changing the time to activate the travel insurance. 

If the traveler is unwell and needs emergency medical care, it is recommended that contact with the insurance company be made before the appointment. In the phone call, the operator directs the insured to the agreed places, where the price of the consultation will not exceed the coverage. It is also possible that the insurance will send a doctor to where the traveler is staying. 

But the insured can also run to the emergency and request a refund after the service. Be sure to keep receipts and all necessary documentation to claim a refund. 

In the case of lost luggage and flight delays or cancellations, in addition to calling the insurance company, the airline must also be included in the process. 

24-hour service 

Most companies have 24-hour customer service and offer a list of collectible contacts from around the world. THE Real Insurance Travel, the first travel insurance comparator in Brazil, is one of them. 

In addition to understanding available at any time of the day, the company also has a team of consultants to answer all travelers' doubts before contracting insurance. And, from the moment you decide to hire, the agency can also negotiate with insurers for the best deals.

This way, you are sure which plan is best for your needs, as well as knowing if your destination requires travel insurance. Such as, for example, countries that are part of the Schengen Treaty, such as Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, etc., which require coverage of at least 30 thousand euros for foreigners. 

Apart from assistance before hiring, the Real Insurance Travel it also guarantees that the operator will comply with the contract and provide the best service to the traveler. 

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