Lisbon, in Portugal, it was elected, in 2019, by PwC as the best city to invest in real estate. The quality of life and the city's positive leadership are mentioned as some reasons for this choice. Full of culture, history and with a very pleasant climate, Lisbon attracts tourists from all over the world, in addition to opening doors for those who want to invest in the country.

In recent years, Portugal has created funds to attract new investors to the country. One of the examples was when the country implemented the visa gold, for people who made substantial contributions to Portuguese terrar. There are eight possibilities to obtain this visa, all through investments in the country.

invest in Portugal

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We separate 5 forms of investments that can be made in the Portuguese capital, see below:

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The real estate sector is a great attraction to invest in Portugal. Living in the country is up to three times cheaper than elsewhere in Europe, such as France, for example. This quality of life and low prices fill the eyes of those who are thinking of residing in Portugal, this makes the real estate market hot.

Martinhal Residences

One of the examples of how to invest in real estate in Portugal is the Elegance Group's newest project, the Martinhal Residences. These are high-end apartments in Lisbon that are expected to be completed in early 2022. The development is located in the Parque das Nações neighborhood, a great location for those who want to move in with their family. A privileged location in the new center of Lisbon.


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The project has 14 floors with apartments from 38m² to 196m², with a kitchen furnished and equipped with appliances. The owner can live in or just use the apartment for as long as he wants. Martinhal Residences is located in the most one of Lisbon's “business centers” and yet very accessible. The Vasco da Gama bridge, parks, restaurants, the Oriente metro station and the Vasco da Gama shopping mall are close by.


Tourism is a very open area for investment in the country. Many foreigners go to the country and bet on tourism as a strategy to survive, among them, of course, there are Brazilians who have enterprises in Portugal.

The tourism sector, despite having been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, was a sector that was growing a lot and has everything to grow again when all this is over. The country helps a lot, with its beautiful landscapes, gastronomy, climate and a territory that can be visited in a few days because it is smaller than most other countries.

The page of the country's Consulate in São Paulo directs you to a link which explains why you should invest in tourism in Portugal, the Invest in Tourism which brings examples of success, teaches you how to set up your business in the country, gives you financing options, among others.


A sector that is also highly sought after by Brazilians is that of services. The country has a great demand for less specialized jobs, with this, many Brazilians perform functions such as babysitter, hairdresser, among others. Payment in Euros tends to please Brazilians and other immigrants of other nationalities who have a less valued currency. 

invest in Portugal

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Here are some profitable business tips to open in Portugal:

1 – Men's beauty salon

As Portuguese men become more vain, the idea of opening this type of enterprise becomes more profitable. The greater the number of services offered, the greater the amount of audience your salon will receive.

2 - Babysitting

Working as a babysitter is good for those who don't have the money to start a business. It's nothing more than a nanny, you'll take care of the child while the parents are away, bathe, feed, among other responsibilities.

3 – Tourist guide

You will introduce the country to foreigners. Organizing the travel itinerary, taking care of the transfer and helping with the languages. Since tourism is on the rise, the work has everything to be profitable if you do it in the best way possible.

A positive point for Brazilians is that the countrymen, most of the time, look for Brazilians to have as a guide for the ease with the language and affinity with the culture.


E-commerce is a trend that is growing more and more all over the world, in Portugal it would be no different. The main advantages of this area have to do with prices. You don't need to have employees or a physical store to work with this and the products can be sold to different parts of the world.

invest in Portugal

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import and export

The number of imports and exports in Portugal has increased in recent years. Imports increased by 2.5%, exports grew by 3.3%, over a five-year period. Since 2012, the Portuguese trade balance has closed with a positive balance in the goods and services sector.

Therefore, imports and exports are yet another investment opportunity in the country. With the heating of this sector, the chances of profit outweigh the fear of failure. In other words, a great investment option.

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