The stronghold of nature, with wild beaches, surrounded by well-preserved stretches of Atlantic forest, where the law is to disconnect and enjoy the vibe of tranquility, Beautiful island, deserves to be considered. Located on the coast of São Paulo, 210 km from the capital, it is that place for those who are addicted to the beach, after all there are more than 30 options, ranging from the most urban, with a kiosk structure, to the most rustic, which can be accessed only by boat or trail.

All this, always with the company of the borrachudos, a kind of mosquito that is everywhere, so that no one forgets the survival item for this trip: the repellent. 

Attractions in Ilhabela

Beautiful island

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With a privileged coastline, it is even difficult to make a list of main beaches in Beautiful island, since each one is very different from the other, which leads tourists to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know several. As an island, access to practically everywhere is via the same road, which facilitates getting around and choosing the region that can be explored.

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For those who prefer a hustle, the beaches in the south are the most suitable, as they are closer to the center. As is the case of Praia do Curral, which offers a good structure and a breathtaking sunset. On the way, also make a stop at Praia do Julião and Praia da Feiticeira. 

For those who don't want to go very far, one possibility is to explore the beaches in the center, which, despite being more urban, do not disappoint with their 4 km of coastline, as is the case of Praia do Perequê, which is the first stretch of sand and the hottest. The beaches of Itaquanduba and Itaguaçu are less crowded and guarantee a calmer ride. If you want to combine nature with history, it is worth visiting Praia do Engenho, where you can see a beautiful colonial building from the 17th century sugar mill.

For those who really want to get away from the hustle and bustle, the North of Beautiful island it is the most recommendable region, since there are the most distant beaches, but with easy access. And get ready because there the gnats have a party! The first stop is Praia de Santa Tereza with its colorful canoes, which make the look very caiçara, followed by Praia dos Barreiros, Viana and Siriúba, which have kiosks for when hunger strikes. When the dirt road begins, it means that the more rustic views are arriving and worth a visit at Praia da Pacuíba and Jabaquara, which is where the sea is spectacular.

Now, the passion of backpackers, who want to have a truly roots experience, is in the east of the island, whose best-known beaches are Bonete (access by sea or an intense trail that lasts approximately 6 hours) and Castelhanos (access by trail). , 4×4 car and boat). They are one of the few beach options with rougher seas and full of green, which arouses interest, as they are considered the most beautiful in Beautiful island. Boat trips are also another attraction for those who like to snorkel and get to know more distant places.

If you're tired of the salt water, that's fine as there are a wide variety of waterfalls too. Believe it! Among the famous are the Veloso and Paqueta Waterfall, which has an infinity edge. There are plenty of options for having fun in contact with nature. 

Beautiful island

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