I made your itinerary through Portugal even more charming and get to know some of the most beautiful castles in the country!

There is something romantic about castles that perfectly embodies the idea of traveling – exploring a new place, delving into the past and taking photo albums full of photos to immortalize this magical moment.

Discover some castles of Portugal and their stories. Surely your trip to the country will be even more unforgettable.

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Almourol Castle

beautiful castles in portugal

Photo: Ricardo Saraiva de Almeida /Wikimedia Commons

Located on the banks of the Tagus River, in the center of Portugal, Almourol Castle was once a military base for the Templars. Although historians do not know exactly when this medieval castle was built, it is likely that the building was erected in the middle of the year 1129. After the Knight Templar was dissolved in the 14th century, the castle it was abandoned and revitalized in the 19th century. Today the place opens its doors for visits and events.

Marvão Castle

castles in portugal

Photo: Concierge.2C / Wikimedia Commons

You can find the Marvão Castle on the central border of Portugal and Spain. The castle can be seen for miles, thanks to its perch on one of the highest points in the Serra de São Mamede.

The ridge was a perfect natural defense against enemies at its peak in the 12th century – the site was primarily used to track enemy forces from Valencia to Alcántra, Spain. Today, it is possible to walk around the amazingly preserved walls and enjoy the panoramic view of two stunning fields.

castle of Óbidos

castles in portugal

Photo: Paulo Juntas / Wikimedia Commons

Located in Óbidos, this castle is best known for its role as a wedding gift from King Dinis to his bride Dona Isabel. It is considered one of the most enchanting castles and now you can even sleep in its towers as the castle is now a boutique hotel.

Guimarães Castle

Photo: António Amen / Wikimedia Commons

Located in the northwest region of Portugal, the Guimarães Castle it is the place where much of the country's then future was planned. The castle was built in 968 by order of Mumadona, Countess of Galacia, so that the citizens would have a place of refuge against the attacks of the Vikings that arrived from Europe.

Sao Jorge's Castle

Photo: François Philipp / Wikimedia Commons

This Moorish castle overlooks Lisbon and to the Tagus River – two important regions in the country's medieval history. This site served as a stronghold in the 11th century, used primarily as a safe place for city administrators who lived in the citadel (you can still see these people's homes at the nearby archaeological site). The castle has survived many cultural transitions and an earthquake since its founding, and is now a popular tourist destination.

Belém Tower

beautiful castles

Photo: Rob Oo / Flickr

One of the castles in Portugal best known, the Belém Tower is located in the port of Lisbon, once used as a fortress that guarded the entrance to the capital of Portugal. The interior and exterior of the tower feature stone details that were commonly seen in other castles built in the Manueline style.

Moorish Castle

castles in portugal

Diego Delso / Wikimedia Commons

The Moorish Castle marks the time of Arab domination in the peninsula, and dates from the 10th century. It was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered a very important monument in the region.

Pena Palace

Photo: Singa Hitam / Wikimedia Commons

It is no surprise that Hans Christian Andersen was inspired by Sintra, and more specifically by Palácio da Pena, when writing his famous short stories. The palace is visible from anywhere in the park, and its vibrant colors provide the perfect setting to be inspired and admire the local landscapes.

Sabugal Castle

beautiful castles

Photo: Nuno Tavares / Wikimedia Commons

The unusual shape of this castle's Pentagonal tower set it apart from others in the region. Castelo do Sabugal was originally a military fortress, but it once served as a prison. The most famous prisoner was Brás Garcia de Mascarenhas, known for his poem Viriato Trágico.

Castle of Santa Maria da Feira

castles in portugal

Photo: bernswaelz / Pixabay

The Castle of Santa Maria da Feira is a very complete military structure, with towers, walls and a chapel inside the fortification. The construction is one of the attractions of Aveiro, in the north of Portugal.

Bragança Castle


Photo: António Amen / Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1187 and restored in 1930, the Castelo de Bragança houses the Military Museum of Bragança in the Torre da Homagem, from where it is possible to have a beautiful view of the nearby mountains.

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