The traditional grape treading party at Vindima Goés takes place this month in the municipality of São Roque

São Roque is one of the main tourist resorts in the state of São Paulo, known nationally for the traditional festivals that celebrate the grape harvest. Every beginning of the year, between the months of January and February, the celebrations herald the start of the house wine production season, with social gatherings to the sound of typical Italian and Portuguese music, beverage tasting and regional cuisine.

The activities that pack the harvest festival take place between the 25th of January and the 17th of February, when the Vintage Goes opens the door for visitors from all over the country to get to know the brand's wine production up close. The tour starts at the company's headquarters, getting to know a little about the history of winery, then the tour continues through the vineyards of Goes Farm, aboard a tourist train that runs the entire route.

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After getting to know a little about the winery's history and curiosity about the grape production process, visitors will have the pleasure of participating in the grape harvest, strolling through the extensive vineyards laden with the fruit. After the harvest, the traditional festival of treading the grapes will also take place, following the customs of our ancestors.

To finish the itinerary, a Lusitanian lunch recreates a journey through Portuguese flavors, being the ideal moment to know a little more about the products offered at the winery, in addition to tasting the labels of the house.

Where will the grape treading party take place?

Goés Winery 
Address: Estrada do Vinho, Km 9
Canguera neighborhood, São Roque – SP

Schedules: 10 am, 11:30 am and 1 pm
Days: January 25th to February 17th
(always on Saturdays and Sundays)

Vintage Goes 2019

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Photo: Renato Galvão/ Vintage Goés 2019

Photo: Renato Galvão/ Vintage Goés 2019

Photo: Renato Galvão/ Vintage Goés 2019

Photo: Renato Galvão/ Vintage Goés 2019

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