Discover the fantastic Balanço Infinito, in Urubici, Santa Catarina, and discover the beauties of Serra Catarinense in an unforgettable way!

How about going on an adventure without having to go abroad? Very simple: just turn your attention to Santa Catarina, or rather for the Santa Catarina mountain range. That's where you find something quite common, but that can lead us to limitless emotion. We are, of course, referring to the swing in the canyons of Santa Catarina.

How it is? What are you talking about? Not familiar with this attraction? It is a balance in Urubici, the same municipality already known for having Morro da Igreja, whose summit is the highest inhabited point in the south of the country, with temperatures reaching −17.8 °C (June 29, 1996). There are also several natural beauties, including the Caminho das Neves, with landscapes often compared to the best in Europe.

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sprawling canyon

Santa Catarina infinite swing

Infinite Balance – UrubiciFoto: Reproduction

The location of the call Infinity Swing it's fine in sprawling canyon, 35 km from the center of Urubici. There are 23 km along the SC-439 towards Serra do Corvo Branco. Its majesty comes from the walls that rise up to a thousand meters high, which allows those who are willing to face this adventure to have quite a view of nature. An ecotourism tour that is worth it and, according to reviews on several websites, it is approved by the vast majority who have been there.

If you like the idea, great, but a series of steps are necessary to be able to enjoy these unique moments. Starting with the destination: the canyon is a tourist attraction, but it is on private property, which means having to obtain permission to get there. Access ticket costs R$20.00 per visitor and more vibe to gain access to Infinite Mountain, swing site.

How to get? Go to the home of the owners, Terezinha and Marcos, which is on a street towards Serra do Corvo Branco. There is no address like in big cities, but don't worry, as the access has indicative signs. And be prepared to pay extra to park your car (it is recommended to go with your own vehicle, as the trail that leads to the entrance to the canyon is long and muddy). It is also possible to contact the residents in advance to schedule the purchase by phone and whatsapp.

Once we have the ticket purchased, we move on to the next stage, the ascent of the trail. The circuit to the top stretches for 12 kilometers and takes approximately an hour and a half by car. An important detail: the conditions offered on the way are quite complicated for common passenger cars, which tend to skid in the mud and get stuck…

Owners used to offer transportation for one hundred reais per person with the ticket included, but they don't anymore. The options, even for those who do not have a car available, are to use their own vehicle or contact an agency that provides the means of transportation. In general, tours last seven hours, three of which are spent on transportation alone. Inform yourself well before closing with any establishment.

Are you really going to walk? Prepare your feet: to walk the trail it takes an average of eight hours one way to go through the four gates. And don't forget the most obvious: open, pass and close, as many insist on not doing this, which can irritate your hosts. And don't bother taking your cell phone, as the terrain is at such a height that the signal doesn't even dream of getting there…

How to get to Infinite Balance

Santa Catarina mountain range

Infinite Balance – Urubici. Photo: Espraiado's Facebook page

When the climb finally ends, it's time to settle in. There is a wooden house that serves as an inn, with rooms that the family rents and serves as an inn. Marcos, the owner, is often there to provide assistance. It is recommended to wear wellies, as there are stretches of marshland and no one wants to be caught in knee-deep water. The owner rents the shoes for a fee of ten reais.

For a fee of thirty reais and a lot of courage, since the temperatures up there are characterized by a biting cold, it is possible to camp with your own equipment. Stay close to the wooden house so you can enjoy the bathroom and kitchen there. It is also allowed to bring your dog or cat, as long as you keep an eye on the animal. After all, no one wants to carry one to lose in the end because it slipped on the edge of the canyon.

The initial twelve kilometers are just the beginning: after a small closed trail, there is a field with plants spread over a huge area. The canyon has several observation points that require a walk of at least three kilometers to reach.

There are signs for attractions such as Cachoeira do Adão, with a trail that passes under the falling water course; views over a thousand meters high; and, of course, the real reason for the visit, the long-awaited balance sheet. Will you face it?

infinite balance

The name is common for other balances such as Delfim Moreira, on the border between São Paulo and Minas Gerais. There are others in the cities of Campos do Jordão, Iporanga (both in São Paulo), Rancho Queimado (also in Santa Catarina) and Campo Alegre (in Alagoas). But the one in Urubici is what most lives up to the name. But a detail: do not dare to climb it if you suffer from vertigo or acrophobia (fear of heights).

Imagine yourself right on the edge of one of the local canyons. Sit on the swing and start moving. The higher you go, the more you feel like you're flying over the landscape. One hell of a feeling. But don't expect a seat belt: hold on tight and don't let go until the speed slows down and you can disembark safely. It is very easy to feel everything spinning or to lose the firmness of the legs, so wait a little before leaving. After all, the balance is individual and you will be alone during the entire operation.

If you're one of those addicted to taking pictures of everything to upload to Instagram, this is your chance to sell your talent as a photographer. All the images from the balance sheet are a hit with likes and go viral quickly. But it's worth remembering that only photos taken of people swinging are found on social media. That's because, it's worth remembering, the swing doesn't have a protective belt, which means people have to use both hands to hold on. Everyone imagines what a photo would look like that portrayed the view from someone who is swinging, with the canyon in the background. Maybe it was an idea to think about: how about a challenge of who can get a photo of this type first?

The effort is worth it. The feeling of peace that a swing there provides is indescribable. From these elevations it is possible to see other highlights such as the aforementioned Morro da Igreja, as well as some cities such as Grão Pará, Anitápolis and Tubarão in good weather. Or even contemplate a sea of clouds on cloudy days and, in a special and unique way, feel a little closer to God.

Contact for authorization acquisition: (49) 3278-4732 or WhatsApp (49) 98405-4653, with Marcos or Tahys.

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