Find out which are the best cities in the interior of Alagoas and discover the options for tours and beaches to enjoy the beauties of the Brazilian Caribbean 

Alagoas is known as the Brazilian Caribbean and its beaches honor this reputation. Crystal clear waters, natural pools with an abundance of marine life and landscapes that will leave any traveler stunned. It's impossible not to fall in love with the place, so we've prepared a list of the best cities in the interior of Alagoas to help you (or confuse you even more) if you're thinking about getting to know the region. 

Best cities to visit in the interior of Alagoas 


cities in the interior of alagoas

Photo: reproduction / Japaratinga Lounge Resort

For those who like the beach, Japaratinga is the perfect place to spend their holidays, since in the region it is possible to meet some very famous not only in the region, but in Brazil as well. The city is 115 km away from Maceió. Barreiras do Boqueirão is one of the most famous beaches in the region, which has a beautiful viewpoint and a landscape that mixes white sand and vegetation. Japaratinga Beach offers the best infrastructure, ideal for spending the day. Praia de Bitingui is a giant natural pool, a paradise for families with children. And also take the opportunity to take a dip, the crystal clear waters help in the visualization of marine animals.

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best cities in the interior of alagoas

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Your fame of Brazilian Caribbean no wonder, with a clear and calm sea, it leaves all tourists awestruck with its natural beauties. 130 km from Maceió, it is that destination to relax and sunbathe! The natural pools are the great attraction of the region and provide an unforgettable dive! Another beach that cannot be left out of this list is Barra Grande Antunes and Ponta de Mangue, as well as Xaréu, which is quieter and almost without structure. Praia do Patacho is also very famous in the region and is neighboring Maragogi. If you have time, it's worth a visit! 

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Port of Stones

stone harbor

photo: Shutterstock

For those who enjoy contact with nature, Porto das Pedras it is the ideal destination, as it is part of the ecological route of Alagoas. The place, which is located 108 km from Maceió, is home to beautiful beaches, such as Patacho, almost deserted and with difficult access, but which makes up for it due to its beautiful coconut trees and crystal clear sea. Tatuamunha is also worth a visit, as it is there that the eponymous river flows and is the beach that houses the Manatee Project, which makes it possible to see the animals in their natural habitat up close. Praia de Tatuamunha and Laje are other names to add to the list! 

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mouth of the river san francisco

Photo: Farol da Foz Ecotourism / Wikimedia Commons

Piaçabuçu is located just 140km from Maceió and is a very popular region for tourists who want to take a boat trip to the mouth of the São Francisco River, one of the most important in South America. It is an unforgettable experience, as the landscape along the route is pure nature. In addition, riding a buggy is another attraction of the city, to see the coconut trees and restinga forest and, if you are still lucky, to find the native fauna. And not least, the dunes of Piaçabuçu make up a stunning scenery. Take the opportunity to skibunda and make the trip even more memorable. 

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Alagoas cities

Photo: Maria Hsu / Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for a place to rest in the midst of nature, but at the same time full of history and culture, include the city of piranhas on your list. 269km away from Maceió, it is bathed by the São Francisco River and is home to one of the most preserved architectural complexes in Brazil. Its colorful houses, museums, churches and viewpoints are a walk apart, as is the Cangaço Route, which begins in the region and tells the story of this movement that took place in the northeastern hinterland in the 1930s along with the stories of Lampião. Also take the opportunity to visit Prainha, a great option to refresh yourself in the middle of the sertão. 

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Barra de Sao Miguel

Alagoas cities

Photo: Maceioalagoas

The municipality of Barra de São Miguel is just 34 km from Maceió, where you can find Praia do Gunga, one of the most beautiful in Brazil, which is located inside a coconut farm and is surrounded by cliffs. Next to it is the Lagoa do Roteiro, famous for its oysters, which can be enjoyed by tourists who like the delicacy. Now, if the goal is to spend a peaceful day by the sea, Praia de Barra de São Miguel is the best option, as it has several options of kiosks, bars and restaurants. 

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Marshal Deodoro

interior alagoas

Photo: Cleferson Comarela

Marechal Deodoro is a small town in the interior of Alagoas, and takes that name, because it was where the first president of Brazil, Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca, was born. Just 28 km from the capital, it is a popular place for those who want to know its historic center and architecture, full of houses, churches and important museums that keep the history of the country. And you can't miss a swim in the sea on this visit, Praia do Frances is the best known in the region and reveals a beautiful landscape with coconut trees and crystalline waters, as well as Prainha da Barra Nova. 

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San Miguel dos Milagres

saint miguel of miracles

Photo: Rafael Vianna Croffi / Flickr

One of the paradises of the Brazilian Northeast, São Miguel dos Milagres, located 106 km from the capital, is the perfect destination to rest and enjoy what nature has to offer. In the historic center are located most of the restaurants and some historical points, such as the chapel of Milagres. The beach of the same name in the city leaves people in love with its natural pools. Praia do Toque is another place that cannot be left out of any list, as well as the raft ride along the ecological route to get to know the fauna and flora of the region more closely. 

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interior alagoas

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Located on the banks of the São Francisco River and 166 km away from Maceió, it is one of the places to learn more about the history of the country and the region marked by the 17th and 18th centuries. In addition to visiting museums and churches, one of the most sought after attractions in the region is the boat trip that takes you to the mouth of Velho Chico, where the river and the sea meet, next to a landscape with dunes and coconut trees. A work of art for those who see it up close. If you are looking for beaches, the best ones are Peba, whose access is only possible with buggies, and Forte da Rocheira to watch the sunset. 

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cities in the interior of alagoas

cities in Alagoas. Photo: Disclosure

Just 30 km from Maceió Paripueira is the best option for those who want to escape the bustling beaches of the capital, without having to go far. It is a place to enjoy without haste, since its natural pools are the great attraction, due to the variety of marine life that can be found, with fish, corals and urchins. And of course, the crystalline waters, which honor the reputation of the interior of Alagoas as the Brazilian Caribbean. 

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