Has Covid-19 arrived on your street? Researchers at FAU-USP created an interactive map showing where the Covid-19 cases were located

The study that we will show below aims to monitor in real time the evolution of confirmed cases of Covid-19. Researchers from LabCidade, Public Space and Right to the City Laboratory, which works as an extension of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo (FAU-USP), seek to analyze urban public policies, focusing on the city of São Paulo and on other metropolitan regions of Brazil.

Through scientific and social research, which encompass different areas of public interest, the laboratory develops projects that analyze the performance of actions developed with a complete network of partners, both focused on research groups from other universities in the country, as in direct cooperation with NGOs, collectives, model offices and technical assistance projects applied in different sectors.

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How to know if you have cases of Covid-19 in your street or neighborhood

Image: LabCidade Publicity

How do I know if there are confirmed cases of Covid-19 in my neighborhood or on my street?

This interactive map is available online, accessible to anyone. Through the platform created by LabCity, it is possible to know exactly if there are cases of Covid-19 in your street, village and neighborhood. With the support of the study, updated frequently, any civilian can see the number of confirmed cases and deaths, divided by region in the capital of São Paulo or in neighboring cities that are part of Greater São Paulo. 

According to the matter of UOL, according to LabCidade scientists, after a quick analysis, the tool still shows us the difference between the number of confirmed cases in low-income communities, compared to central neighborhoods. 

This mapping is essential to assist the public authorities in the search for solutions and analysis of strategies to combat the pandemic, which placed Brazil in second place in the ranking of countries with the highest number of cases.

“These data are not all, they are hospitalization data. Those who were treated at home or even those who are asymptomatic will not appear on the map”, says Aluízio Marino, a researcher who is working on this LabCidade project. 

Marino also said, according to a publication made on the UOL website, about the complexity of dealing with Sao Paulo generalized and how customizing can be an effective strategy to align strategies adapted to each region. “The city of São Paulo has a very diverse characteristic, there are several cities within one, so there needs to be territorialized strategies”.

How to know if you have cases of Covid-19 in your street or neighborhood

Image: LabCidade Publicity

Who signs the LabCidade surveys?

LabCidade is coordinated by Professor Euler Sandeville, focused on the core of Landscape Studies and for the second nucleus where the laboratory operates, called Right to the City, the coordination is carried out by professors Raquel Rolnik and Paula Santoro, together with researchers from FAU-USP.

You can see the detailed interactive map on the channel provided by LabCidade, this page.

Challenges in the area of research and transparency

Last month (June 9), the page that centralizes the projects developed by the laboratory, published an article about the difficulty of maintaining a more assertive update, as the Ministry of Health removed data that allowed greater accuracy when determining the territories in which the disease progressed.

The published article also informs about how this change can impair transparency in the disclosed data. “This change is connected to a broader strategy to reduce the transparency of data about Covid-19 in Brazil. Many criticisms are being made about the information on the total number of deaths and confirmed cases, which are now omitted in the daily bulletins released by the Ministry of Health”.

How to know if you have cases of Covid-19 in your street or neighborhood

Image: LabCidade Publicity

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