Discover amazing international destinations at the lowest cost in the month of February

ÇWith the rise of the dollar, many people end up giving up on that long-awaited international trip. The good news is that there are many cheap destinations abroad to visit in February. There are several options of places for all tastes, styles and that fit in your pocket.

To help you choose, we've made a selection of international destinations to travel in February on a budget.  

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Santiago, Chile

Photo: freejpg / Pixabay

Santiago is a destination that is on the rise among Brazilians. The city, in the month of February, presents a drop of 61% in prices. The Chilean capital is cosmopolitan and offers many interesting tours, as well as surprising architecture, history, art and good cuisine.

Nice, France

Photo: max Pexels / Creative Commons

To escape the high mass of tourists who go to the region of Cote d'Azur, in France, an alternative is to choose the month of February to enjoy the cities and still save about 57%. When thinking of Nice, we immediately imagine beautiful summer days on its beaches, but the city in winter is just as charming. A calm and peaceful atmosphere surrounds the city's streets at this time of year, ideal for admiring its architecture, museums and taking beautiful photos.

Venice, Italy

Photo: Mentor_Henry / Pixabay

The city of love doesn't have a bad season to visit, whether in summer or winter. With lower temperatures, prices in Venice also decrease at 51%. The cold is by no means something that can hinder a ride on the gondolas to appreciate the beautiful Venetian architecture.

Chicago, USA

Photo: Free-Photos / Pixabay

on the banks of the Lake Michigan, among large skyscrapers, the city of Chicago is formed by descendants of Europeans, making the local gastronomy have a wide range of options. In addition to several restaurants, Chicago offers museums, jazz festivals and public parks. And the prices? In February you can save up to 51% compared to the most expensive month.

patong, thailand

Photo: nutraveller / Pixabay

The best time to visit the island is in February, when temperatures are not so high. To help, prices can be up to 35% cheaper. Take the opportunity to visit Patong, one of the busiest beaches in Thailand that offers a good infrastructure of bars, water sports and lots of parties.

Guangzhou, China

Photo: jo.sau / Wikimedia Commons

Guangzhou is a little-known city in the southern part of China, and it stands out as a major economic and political center. In the West, the city called Canton has several cultural activities such as museums, towers and temples. Another strong point of the place is the shopping in shopping malls and exotic cuisine, which can be tasted in the region's main market, Qingping. Even if it takes a little trip around the world to get to China, average prices in February could decrease by 34%.  

Dunedin, New Zealand

Photo: ArvidO / Pixabay

Another cheap destination to travel in February is New Zealand. Prices in Dunedin at this time of year can be up to 17% cheaper compared to the most expensive month. The European-style city shows visitors its Scottish heritage from all sides. With Victorian buildings and castles, street art produced by local students, eco-tourism tours and idyllic beaches, Dunedin is one of the continent's richest cities in attractions.  

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