Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania are the most accessible continents during this time of year

the price of international travel, is often the biggest obstacle when choosing the next trip, but if you look for destinations that are still little explored by Brazilians, you may find values cheaper.

Another factor that must be taken into account is the month of travel. To help you find the right country to travel to in March and enjoy Carnival outside Brazil, we have separated some places with more affordable prices compared to other months of the year, according to a survey by the

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Kenting – Taiwan

Cheap international destinations to travel in March

Cheap international destinations to travel in March. Photo: Own work / Wikimedia Commons

Kenting is a city on the coast of Taiwan, known for its idyllic, secluded beaches and large preserved green areas, which can be visited throughout the year thanks to the mild temperatures that mark the region's climate. The main attraction of the city is the first ecological park in the region, called Parque Nacional de Keting, where beaches and trails through the forest can be found. There is no lack of accommodation options, visitors can choose to camp in the park, stay in hostels or if they prefer to head to the city in one of the hotels, so it is possible to save 52% on your trip to the country.

Playa del Carmen – Mexico

Photo: daryl_mitchell / Flickr

The sun shines practically all year round on Playa Del Carmen, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. This beach, which is just 65 km from Cancun, is an alternative for those who want to travel in March, saving up to 50% compared to the most expensive month of the year. Playa Del Carmen offers several hotel options, but unlike neighboring Cancun, it doesn't have many resort alternatives, as they don't fit into the city's young European climate.

Grenada – Spain

Cheap international destinations to travel in March

Cheap international destinations to travel in March. Photo: granadandyou / Pixabay

As in all cities in Spain, the beautiful architecture surrounded by history is part of the tours. Escaping the main tourist spots like Barcelona and Madrid means you can cut back on spending at 47% when choosing to travel in March. Granada is a medieval-style city with features of Arab rule in the region.

Montreal – Canada

Photo: Taxiarchos228 / Wikimedia Commons

Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world. There there is a contrast between the English and French languages, which represent the two nations that make up the country, the residents of the city speak both languages. But it is not only in the language that Montreal presents two faces, the city enters in contrasts of modern buildings with colonial buildings and cobblestone streets, from the 18th century. The weather is milder in March and prices are 42% cheaper compared to the most expensive month.

Budapest – Hungary

Cheap international destinations to travel in March

Cheap international destinations to travel in March. Photo: Pauline_17 / Pixabay

Budapest has an interesting history and architecture. Split in two by the river Danube, the Buda region is where the old city center is. In Pest, visitors are faced with the modernity and hustle of bars and restaurants. This is Budapest, the union of the old and the new world. Taking advantage of the carnival in March and visiting the city can generate savings of 42% compared to the most expensive month of the year.

Riga – Latvia

Photo: Diego Delso / Wikimedia Commons

Riga, the capital of Latvia, a small country in Northern Europe, full of charm and a beautiful combination of culture and nature. March is a good month to plan your trip to the country, as prices are 29% cheaper and the bitter cold of winter is giving a respite to travelers and locals alike.

Cairns – Australia

Cheap international destinations to travel in March

Cheap international destinations to travel in March. Photo: WANG-HSIN PEI / Flickr

The island of Cairns is full of resorts, and serves as a base for anyone looking to explore the Great Barrier Reef. But it's not just this attraction that makes the island in March have values 15% cheaper compared to the most expensive month, paradisiacal beaches, tropical forests and the Great Australian Outback Desert, are other tour options.

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