We have selected 8 destinations to visit in May on a budget

Choosing the right trip, and still managing to save a little money, is the dream of many travelers. To help you find a nice place, but not too expensive at that time, the Booking.com, selected 8 cheapest international destinations, even with the high dollar for you to visit without breaking the budget. Check out the selection and find out what you like best.

Naha – Japan

Cheap international destinations to travel in May

Photo: CEphoto / Wikimedia Commons

Located on the southern coast of Okinawa Island, Naha has a strong Chinese influence in its architecture. One of the main attractions here is Shurijo Castle, which served as the headquarters of the Japanese army during World War II. According to the Booking.com ranking, traveling at this time can be 36% cheaper compared to the most expensive month.

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Lyon – France

Cheap international destinations to travel in May

Cheap international destinations to travel in May. Photo: Pedro Szekely / Flickr

When talking about France, many tourists think of visiting the city of Light, Paris. But if you intend to save 34% over the most expensive month, Lyon It's a city that fits your budget and you won't regret spending a few days there. With several parks, churches of exuberant architecture, museums and Roman ruins are the main attractions of the city.

Busan – South Korea

Photo: Giuseppe Milo / Flickr

Nothing better than traveling during the summer to a place with pleasant temperatures and spending 27% less compared to the most expensive month, so is the city of Busan, Korea  South. known as the Cidade do Futuro”, mixes the culture of different peoples in one place, there are German bars, Brazilian barbecue houses and activities that range from mountains to beaches, night markets, please all tastes.

Buenos Aires – Argentina

Cheap international destinations to travel in May

Cheap international destinations to travel in May. Photo: deensel / Flickr

enjoy Buenos Aires It is a tour that is much sought after by countless tourists who seek to discover beautiful destinations in South America, and that is why it is possible to find tickets on sale in April for 12% cheaper compared to the most expensive month. Another attraction that attracts Brazilians to the city is the devaluation of the Argentine peso, a factor that makes it easier to buy. Attractions such as museums, historic buildings and the famous Tango show appeal to diverse audiences.

Franz Josef – New Zealand

Photo: Anthony Cramp / Wikimedia Commons

Franz Josef is the name of a small village, in New Zealand which is home to several glaciers and snow-capped mountains all year round. If you are looking for a place with a mild climate, full of nature, this is a good alternative, hiking through the snow is a unique experience that you can only find in Franz Josef. And the prices? Good to go in May the value can be 27% cheaper compared to the most expensive month.

Nelson – New Zealand

Cheap international destinations to travel in May

Cheap international destinations to travel in May. Photo: Stephen Colebourne / Wikimedia Commons

Another must-see destination in New Zealand, with more affordable prices up to 24% is the town of Nelson, on the northwestern tip of the South Island, the sunniest region in the country. Therefore, its golden sand beaches, virgin forests and rudimentary mountains untouched by man make the place a magical natural refuge. With these enchanting landscapes, they inspire several artists to populate the streets of the city.

San Diego, California – USA

Photo: Pxhere / Creative Commons CC0

The charms of the east coast of the United States, the state of California is like being in a Hollywood movie, hard to choose a favorite place, but San Diego is definitely on this list. With prices in May it is 18% cheaper compared to the most expensive month, it is an option for those looking for different forms of entertainment, in parks, beaches, mountains, deserts and an extensive nightlife.

Torun – Poland

Cheap international destinations to travel in May. Photo: Jan M / Wikimedia Commons

The list of international places to visit in May ends with this hidden city in Poland, Torun. With medieval architecture, red brick facades, it is one of the best preserved in the country, considered UNESCO World Heritage Sites. the hometown of Nicolaus Copernicus, one of the greatest astronomers also has prices of 18% cheaper compared to the most expensive month.

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