made a survey of the cheapest destinations to travel in each period of the year. In this list we indicate which are the cheapest places to travel in November

To help travelers who dream of seeing the world, but are not willing to invest very high amounts, the selected the cheapest destinations to travel in the month of november (they are different countries). Ideal for those who want to pack their bags and enjoy a trip just before the end of the year holidays.

The survey presented destinations on different continents, showing that there are more affordable options for international travel in November. Want a more economical trip? Traveling to nearby countries can be a good alternative for those looking for cheap travel abroad. On this page we also list the top destinations to visit in South America. One of them could be your next trip! 

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But, if your destination is Europe, in the month of November the cities of Berlin and London they are usually cheaper at this time, as the movement of tourists is lower, marking the low season in the region and consequently lowering prices.

Taking into account the costs of airfare and accommodation, the cities of San Francisco and Seattle, in the United States, also have lower values for travel in the month of November. In addition to these, other destinations also appear on the list, check out the full selection:

Berlin, Germany

The cost of a trip to Berlin reduces by about 24% in the month of November. Photo: MaxPixel

Berlin, the city of Napoleon and Beethoven, It is definitely a milestone in the history of mankind. Visiting the German city is to relive the periods that marked the country's trajectory, full of historical riches that contrast with a modern and cosmopolitan city. According to a Booking survey, visiting Berlin in November is 24% cheaper compared to the most expensive month of the year.

London, United Kingdom

November is the cheapest month to visit London. Photo: Pixabay

In November, travel to London it can also be more economical when compared to other months of the year. The study pointed to a 24% reduction in travel costs through the English capital that month. Walk along the banks of the River Thames, admire monuments such as Big Ben, the Tower Bridge or simply relive the cultural itineraries that mark the city's history.  

San Francisco – USA

San Francisco is known as the American Capital of Diversity. Photo: MaxPixel

Considered one of the most beautiful and diverse regions of the United States, San Francisco  Northern California is known for its progressive parties and politics, creating a highly eclectic and multicultural city. Postcards go far beyond the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the world. Visiting San Francisco is guaranteed to be fun all year round, but it's in November that accommodations are even cheaper and the price drops around 22%.

Seattle – USA

Traveling to Seattle, USA is 12% cheaper in the month of November. Photo: MaxPixel

Lovers of music, culture and art will love getting to know Seattle, this city located in the state of Washington, which was the birthplace of several artistic scenes in the music world. Getting to know the city where the first Starbucks was born, visiting one of the largest franchise stores, can also be other alternatives for your trip. To get even better, andIn November city travel is 12% cheaper compared to the most expensive month of the year.

Byron Bay – Australia

Discover the beauties of the Australian island by visiting Byron Bay. Photo: MaxPixel

One of the most popular destinations in Australia, Byron, hides several wonderful places to discover. They are waterfalls that can only be accessed by trails, viewpoints and beautiful landscapes in Oceania. Lovers of nature and extreme sports are in the right place, and for those looking to save money, prices at this time of year are 12% lower compared to other months.

Kandy – Sri Lanka

Cultural itineraries, spirituality and Buddhist temples: discover Sri Lanka. Photo: Wikipedia

Lush and unique, those are two words to describe the city of Kandy, in the amazing Sri Lanka. Declared a World Heritage Site, the place is located between mountains and is considered one of the holiest places in the world by Buddhists. Taking advantage of the month of November to understand a little more about Sri Lankan culture can come out 37% cheaper compared to the most expensive month.

Ubud – Indonesia

Religious temple in Ubud, Indonesia. Photo: MaxPixel

Ubud is a city, in the middle of the forest, located in the center of the island of Bali, surrounded by typical Asian rice fields. Through its streets it is possible to find several galleries of art galleries, traditional dance shows, and the famous temples. Tourists from all over the world flock to the cafes and for us Brazilians prices in November are 25% cheaper compared to the most expensive month. Also read the publication 12 cheap national destinations for those who don't give up traveling.

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