Selection shows list of countries for Brazilians to travel without a passport

This month the Federal Police reported on the Blocking the issuance of new passports in Brazil, the measure adopted harmed several Brazilians who were planning a trip abroad. The alleged reason is the lack of funds from the Federal Police for the issuance of new documents, which creates a strong contradiction, since there is a cost paid by the traveler to obtain the passport. If you were one of those affected, know that it is still possible to travel to some of these countries without necessarily relying on a passport.

With the Mercosur agreement of 1991, which seeks to facilitate the trade relationship between the countries of South America, it proposes, among countless advantages, the possibility of entry and exit of Latin tourists in a less bureaucratic way in the countries that are part of this agreement. In some of these destinations, only the use of the RG is enough to be able to complete this trip and obtain the tourist visa without major complications.

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The tourist visa in South American countries can be up to 90 days initially. For those who wish to stay longer in any of these countries, it is also possible to renew the period for a longer time depending on the reason and purpose of your trip. Ideal for those looking to discover international destinations to travel without a passport.


The maximum stay for Brazilian tourists in Argentina is 90 days and to enter the country you only need an identity document (RG), updated with a maximum of 10 years of issuance.

Vinciguerra Glacier in Ushuaia, Patagonia Argentina. Photo: Miguel Rigoni / Flickr


Brazilian tourists can also enter Chile carrying only the RG. The maximum stay period is also 90 days and you do not need a passport.


In addition to the International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever, travelers who want to visit Uruguay can stay in the country for up to 90 days and also enter carrying only their identity document.


Like Uruguay, Peru also needs a Yellow Fever vaccine certificate, which can be picked up at municipal health posts. The period of stay for tourism is also 90 days using only the RG.

Machu Picchu is one of the most visited Peruvian destinations. Photo: Gustavo Albano


The passport is also not mandatory for those visiting Ecuador, it is possible to enter the country with only the vaccination certificate and ID. Maximum stay period of 90 days.


The Brazilian traveler can also enter Colombia without a passport, carrying only the ID card and the vaccination certificate against Yellow Fever. The validity of the tourist visa is also 90 days. Colombia authorizes a maximum of three trips per year.


Brazilians can also enter Paraguay carrying only their ID card and vaccination certificate against Yellow Fever. The maximum stay for tourism is 90 days.


Venezuela also authorizes a maximum of three trips per year. The stay for tourism is a maximum of 90 days and requires the ID and the certificate against Yellow Fever.


Salar de Uyuni, postcard in Bolivia. Photo: Manuel Romaris

The maximum period of stay for tourist trips in Bolivia is 90 days, as in the other countries on the list. In Bolivia, you also need to carry your Yellow Fever vaccination card and your ID card.

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