With the changes in the Dollar, a lot of people want to know if it's worth shopping in the USA. If this is also your case, follow this post until the end.

It is not at all difficult to find people who guarantee that is it worth shopping in the USA, but with the changes in the Dollar this is no longer a certainty and becomes a doubt for many people. After all, many prices there are on par with those in Brazil, and it is not uncommon to find products even more expensive than here.

But calm down. That doesn't mean it's impossible shop in the usa with a nice difference in value, and many of the darlings of Brazilians who go there can still come back with you in their suitcase.

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What's Worth Buying in the US

The golden tip for shop in the usa, as in any other destination, it's important to keep in mind what you really want to buy and the prices in Brazil, to know if it's really worth it.

With that in mind, here are some items that still make American stores more advantageous than ours:


Electronic products are some of the most rewarding to buy in a trip to the United States, mainly cell phones and computers. Apple stores continue to be the darlings of Brazilians, offering really amazing items at prices that usually make up for the trip there.


Acquiring pieces from new collections may not really have that many advantages, but when it comes to shopping in the USA the outlets that include renowned brands and are spread across the country leave nothing to be desired. GAP is an example of a brand that has a store only for items from past collections, with more than inviting prices.

trousseau for baby

The number of people who choose buy baby trousseau in usa will hardly decrease, as items for newborns and children there are still at great prices. Clothes, decoration items and carts, for example, are usually cheaper than here.

exclusive products

Finally, there are always those products made in the United States that are not for sale in Brazil, and it is obviously worth purchasing them if they are useful to you.

What to know before shopping in the US

You can also find other items, such as that dream sneakers, but consider that this may require a little effort in your searches. After all, as we mentioned earlier, not all American products will always be cheaper than here, which can be seen in a research on perfume and makeup prices.

With regard to the purchase itself, remember that for purchases with a card, you need to enter the IOF amount to really know how much was spent, in addition to the tax charged by the store, which varies according to the region of the country.

Another important point is the US purchase limit stipulated at US$500.00, which must be respected so that the items you purchased can enter Brazil without any problems. But here's a golden tip: depending on what was purchased, even if it exceeds the amount allowed and you have to pay the extra 50% determined by law, you can still make a profit, just do the math in advance.

So, answering the title question: yes, still is it worth shopping in the USA, provided that all the points mentioned here are considered.

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