Whether for connections or stay in the country, Panama requires some documents, know which ones

THE Panama it is an easily accessible country. Not to board it it is necessary to have the visa, only the passport and some procedures are required, such as proof of round-trip air tickets, proof of accommodation and income that guarantees the traveler's livelihood during the period in which he will stay in the country. 

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THE Panama became a connection point for international trips departing from Brazil, mainly those destined for the United States and Central America. A big question that arises in most travelers is the visa issue. He would be visa required to travel or just to connect to the Panama?

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Have a trip or will connection in Panama? Don't worry about that. The answer is clear: it is not necessary to take visa for Panama; both for connections or even if it is the final destination country of your trip. Also remember: to board, it is necessary that the passport is within the validity period, being at least three months from the date of entry. The document is a mandatory requirement even for connections where the final destination is to a country that does not need it. Be aware of this and, if necessary, provide a new passport within its validity period.


THE Panama it also requires the National Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis – CIVP, confirmed round-trip air tickets, hotel voucher or a guaranteed accommodation guarantee. Proof is also required that the traveler has or will have the necessary budget to cover the period of stay in the country, which must be at least 500 dollars.

Now that you know that you don't need a visa to get to know the Panama, embark on this adventure and discover the wonderful equatorial beaches, historic cities, modern centers and other unforgettable activities that the country offers. Here we go? Now all you have to do is pack your bags and go. Good trip! 

Panama City. Photo: Skeeze / Pixabay

Paradise beaches of the San Blas Archipelago. Photo: Lapping / Pixabay


View of Panama City, the country's capital. Photo via: Welcome Panama

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What to do on a connection in Panama?

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