Very close to the capital of Santa Catarina, Ilha do Campeche is a great option for those who want to enjoy a paradisiacal setting near Florianópolis

A paradise of crystal clear and calm waters. Whoever arrives at Praia da Enseada (the only beach in Campeche Island), is soon surprised by the ornate beauty of the green of the forest that surrounds the small isolated islet, which stands out with the turquoise blue that calmly bathes the white sands of the island.

Tour to Campeche Island

The calm and icy sea – like all beaches in the south of the country, invites tourists to cool off from the intense heat that is present between December and April on the coast of Santa Catarina. The constant presence of colorful fish near the rocks on the beach is fun for children and those who enjoy diving and snorkeling water sports.

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a curiosity of Campeche Island are the archaeological sites that it houses. There are several monuments in rocks, ruins of occupation and more than 100 cave engravings carved in the rocks around the small islet. This rich historical vestige of people who lived thousands of years ago in this little piece of Brazil, turned the island into a place protected by IPHAN, the Institute of National Historic and Artistic Heritage.

Those who want to know the trails, coasts and archaeological sites, need to hire the service of guides accredited by Iphan. To carry out these trails, it is also necessary to pay a small maintenance and conservation fee. Campeche Island.

Despite receiving a large average number of tourists, the Campeche Island it is an untouched place and has no structure. There is only one small restaurant on the island, so it is recommended to bring your water, snacks and plastic bag to store all the waste produced and bring it back with you on the boat. Another item that cannot be missing from your backpack is sunscreen and repellent if you decide to take a walk along the island's trails.

There are four ways to get to Campeche Island, the first is from the beach of the same name, located in front of the island. The route is made by inflatable boats that make the journey in 15 minutes. For those who are staying near Lagoa da Conceição, the fastest way is to leave the port of Barra da Lagoa, in the tour boats that take an average of 1h20 of tour. Along the way, tourists pass in front of other attractions on the island, such as Praia da Galheta and Praia Mole, providing a privileged view of some points of the island.

The third departure point is Praia da Armação, further south of the island. The means of transport are the traditional fishing boats that arrive in 40 minutes at the Campeche Island. The last option is to rent a speedboat at an agency, in addition to enjoying the transparent waters of Ilha do Campeche, it is possible to make a personalized itinerary with the sailor and enjoy the rest of the day to discover other points of the island.

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon

How to get to Campeche Island?

The island is located in front of Florianopolis and is interconnected at three starting points leaving the capital of Santa Catarina. It is worth remembering that each point offers a different type of boat from the other and prices tend to vary according to the season, especially in summer and school holidays.

Departing from Praia do Campeche

Access via this route is done in small inflatable boats and the trip takes an average of 15 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

Departing from Praia da Armação

The access point via Praia da Armação is ideal for those leaving the southern end of Florianópolis. The route is made by fishermen's boats, close to Santana Church and takes 40 minutes.

Departing from Barra da Lagoa

The farthest and most fun option is done on schooners and takes about 1h20min. The cool thing about this option is the route taken by the boats that depart from this area of the island, bordering the coast and providing a wonderful view of the beaches of Floripa.

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