See the best tours to do in Tel Aviv. Check out Melissa Freitas' tips and enjoy the best the city has to offer

Tel Aviv is one of the most surprising cities I have ever visited, its modernity and technology coexist with its historical and religious importance.

In December 2019 I visited the city on a trip with my family, and I got to know the best of Tel Aviv. In this article I want to leave some tips to help you in planning your trip. 

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tour through jaffa

tips tel aviv

Tours in Tel Aviv. Photo: Melissa Freitas

Old Jaffa, also known by its biblical name of Joppa, is one of Tel Aviv's surprises. This once independent city is now part of its neighbor Tel Aviv, and with more than 4,000 years of history, the place surprises everyone who passes by.

My tip is to set aside at least five hours for the place, park your car in one of the parking lots and get lost in the streets of Jaffa, which is totally different from the center of Tel Aviv. Its narrow alleys, old houses, art galleries and restaurants are charming, I confess that I ended up staying there for a whole day. The golden tip is to watch the sunset from the port of Jaffa. 

Enjoy the wonderful beaches of the city

Be sure to set aside a day to enjoy the beaches of Tel Aviv.

All beaches have an excellent infrastructure. Tel Aviv's waterfront is very beautiful, I recommend setting aside a day to walk there and enjoy the beaches. A nice tip is to rent a bike or scooter to be able to cover all 14 km of the waterfront. Among the main beaches, I recommend Hilton Beach and Gordon Beach, be sure to visit.

Local food tour with Abraham Tours

Tel Aviv Tips. Photo: Melissa Freitas

Another tour that I consider a must-see in Tel Aviv is the Local Experience Food Tour by Abraham Tours. The tour starts with an introduction to Arabica coffee, where you can taste and hear the history of real Israeli coffee. After this introduction, the guide takes the group to the second stop, at Yemenite Vineyard, and finally, the tour ends with a flourish at Carmel Market, where it is possible to discover and experience the best of local cuisine. 

I take the opportunity to leave an excellent tip for you, the Abraham Tours has several tours throughout Israel, I was able to do several and I was delighted with the commitment and organization of the company. If you want to take a specific tour, I recommend contacting them and checking availability. In addition, they also have a very nice chain of hostels in the main cities of Israel, and if you are looking for a place to sleep with excellent value for money, I recommend taking a look at the hostels in the chain.

Discover the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the largest in the country

The largest museum in Israel is indeed impressive, its collection has very famous international artists such as Dali, Picasso, and even Monet. In addition, the museum also portrays Israeli art, with a rich and beautiful collection. In general, I think the visit to the place is very worthwhile, whether you are an art lover or not, the architecture of the museum is amazing, and it is worth taking at least two hours to walk around. Entrance to the museum is paid, and costs around NIS 50, which is the local currency.

Back and forth to Jerusalem

Tours in Tel Aviv

Tours in Tel Aviv. Photo: Melissa Freitas

If you are going to base Tel Aviv during your trip through Israel, I recommend taking a day trip to Jerusalem, which is very close to the city. The only difficulty in visiting Jerusalem by car is finding a good value for money parking there. 

I visited the city twice during my stay in Tel Aviv. The first was with an unforgettable tour by Abraham Tours, where the guide took us to the main tourist spots in the city, passing through iconic places. Among them the Via Dolorosa, Tower of David and the Wailing Wall.

Our experience with the tour was very positive, having a local guide telling the details of each place was amazing and made all the difference. On my second visit to Jerusalem I went by car, and as I said, I had a hard time parking. Other than that, the visit was very smooth, I went to the Mount of Olives and other important biblical places.

Finally, Tel Aviv is amazing, be sure to set aside at least 3 days dedicated to the city during your trip to Israel. As I made the base city to know the other cities in the country, I was able to walk there a lot, and I even recommend making the base city to know the other places in the country.

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